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4-H Embryology Program

The 3+ week long 4-H embryology program teaches youth (grades k-8) about the development life-cycle of a chicken through a hands-on experiential learning model. The 4-H Embryology curricula meets the Next Generation Science Standards. Through the 4-H Embryology program, youth will learn about:

  • Embryo development
  • How to record scientific observations
  • Work as a team
  • Leadership skills

See how the 4-H Positive Youth Development Expanded Learning Opportunity Programs support quality standards.

What Teachers Are Saying

"This is an unforgettable program that the students experience and remember for the rest of their lives."

"This is such an amazing program! Our students have learned more about life cycles in this one unit than any other. They have a renewed love for learning and science..."

"Students are completely amazed at the hatching process. The looks in their eyes as they witnessed the chicks hatching was so delightful to see."

Embryology Program for Schools

We are currently collecting interest from Placer county schools who would like to include the 4-H Embryology Program in their learning. We will be offering  sessions from February through June of 2024. There will be a limited number of space in each session. We plan to offer this program again during the upcoming new school year. If you are interested, please complete our expanded learning opportunity program online questionnaire.

The 4-H embryology program fee includes the cost of one incubator rental, one dozen fertilized eggs, the curriculum PDF, the train-the-trainer event, and program evaluation.


If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out and we are happy to touch base. You can reach us at placer4h@ucanr.edu or 530-889-7386.

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