Animal Care Program

Administrative officials are responsible for ensuring a strong commitment to the humane care of all vertebrate animals used at UC ANR for research, teaching, and training.

  1. The promotion of sensitivity and concern among academic appointees and staff for the need for humane care and treatment of animals.
  2. Knowledge about federal, state, and local policies and regulations governing the care and use of laboratory animals, especially the U.S. government principles for the utilization and care of vertebrate animals used in testing, research, and training.
  3. The establishment of administrative and financial support for animal use in research and instruction and assurance that high standards for animal care are an institutional priority.
  4. Encouragement of open and cooperative communication with investigators, the campus Animal Care and Use Committee, and Animal Resource personnel. Receptivity to the needs for resources, facilities improvement, and security measures in order to facilitate biomedical research using animals.
  5. Establishment and/or support of public education endeavors to educate the public, the media, and political and governmental officials of the need for animals in research and instruction, the relevance to human and animal health, advancement of knowledge, and the good of society.
  6. Establishment of procedures for, and direct leadership of, any crisis situation that may arise to counter an assault upon appropriate animal use, which has the potential to threaten the integrity and reputation of the institution.
  7. Consultation with Government and Community Relations regarding responses to inquiries about research being conducted at UC ANR, particularly responses to demonstrations or other activities of animal rights organizations.

For more information contact the Risk and Safety Services Director.