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Oak Woodlands

UC Oak Woodland Conservation Workgroup

For over 25 years the University of California has been deeply involved in conducting research and outreach focused on conserving California’s native oaks. The University of California Oak Woodland Conservation Workgroup addresses the basic mission of oak conservation within the UC system. Their website has a great deal of information and resources on oaks and their conservation and management.


Burned Oaks: Which ones will survive? (McCreary and Nader 2011) Read the article

Mediterranean Oak Woodland Working Landscapes, Dehesas of Spain and Ranchlands of California (Campos et al. 2013)

California Oak Mortality Task Force

The California Oak Mortality Task Force (COMTF) focuses on the plant pathogen Phytophthora ramorum, the cause of Sudden Oak Death. Outbreaks of P. ramorum have killed hundreds of thousands of native oak and tanoak trees in 14 coastal California counties and Curry County, Oregon. The pathogen also infects the leaves and twigs of common ornamental nursery plants, such as rhododendrons and camellias, which serve as vectors for dispersal. The website offers:

  • Information about Phytophthora ramorum and the plants susceptible to infection
  • Information for nurseries, growers, and other plant care and propagation industries
  • Maps of affected land in California
  • Photos of diseased plants and of the P. ramorum organism itself
  • Regulatory information - County, State, Federal, and International
  • Management recommendations for professionals and for homeowners
  • A library of publications, research, newsletters, etc