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Rangeland Plants

 Range livestock grazing is California’s most extensive agricultural land use. This publication provides the manager with photo aids for identification of the major pasture species and summarizes current information about their characteristics and management. Forage plants and habitats that support grazing are mostly grasses but are otherwise very diverse. Read More

invasive plants
Invasive plants will eventually displace the native plant community. Loss of the native vegetation generally leads to a decrease in nesting sites for birds and habitat for native rodents, reptiles, and mammals. Read More

Poisonous plants
Poisonous plants cause significant losses of livestock every year.  A successful livestock operator must know which poisonous plants occur on a given range or pasture and how they can be controlled or avoided.  This publication shows which plants are poisonous, tells how they affect stock and suggests ways to reduce losses from poisoning. Read More

Rare Plants

Rare Plants
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