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Rancher, Manager, and Scientist Forum on Rangeland Conservation


Established in 2011, the Rancher, Manager, and Scientist Forum on Rangeland Conservation focuses on key rangeland conservation topics identified through interviews with sponsor agency personnel and CCRC membership surveys. Under the joint supervision of university faculty and a CCRC co-principal investigator, graduate students conduct scientific literature reviews on each topic, prepare formal papers, and present their findings at CCRC meetings.  The Forum’s short-term goal is to provide research-based information to rangeland stakeholders, and the long-term goal is to improve communication and understanding among the myriad of rangeland stakeholders (ranchers, agency personnel, technical advisors/consultants, educators, scientists, and others). This work is generally showcased in spring CCRC meetings, as well as archived online (see links to Forum papers below).


Written by the Forum Scholars, each of these papers focus on a rangeland conservation topic.

Document Forum Scholar
Cattle grazing behavior and monitoring techniques and the impact on rangeland resources and conservation Megan Banwarth and Z. D. Mc Farlane,
Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo
October 2022
Are Landowners, Managers, and Range Management Academics on the Same Page About Conservation

Lina Aoyama and Lynn Huntsinger  University of California, Berkeley
Rangelands 41(1):61-69
February 2019

Perceptions of barriers and opportunities for conservation in Central Coast Lina Aoyama
University of California, Berkeley
May 2018
Targeted and Prescribed Grazing in California's Central Coast Region Erin Campbell-Craven
Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo
Compatibility of livestock grazing and recreational use on coastal California public lands: Importance, interactions, and management solutions Kristina M. Wolf, Roger A. Baldwin, and Sheila Barry
University of California, Davis
April 2016
Stewarding Soil- promoting soil quality to meet management objectives on California rangelands Jasmine Westbrook and Susan Edinger Marshall
Humboldt State University
October 2014
Sharing the range- managing wildlife impacts to livestock production in California Coast Range working landscapes Sheri Spiegal
University of California, Berkeley
October 2014
Grazing for conservation on public lands in urban California: rancher and manager perspectives on the prospects for partnership Gareth Fisher
University of California, Berkeley
March 18, 2012
Livestock management and water quality Lewis Reed
University of California, Santa Cruz
April 2011


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