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Coalition Meetings & Documents

The CCRC holds two meetings a year the third Thursday in October (Fall) and the third Thursday in April (Spring).  Ranchers, researchers, landowners and conservationist gather to learn about and discuss topics related to sustaining rangelands for livestock production, communities and conservation on California's central coast.  Meetings are held on rangeland sites through out the Central Coast.  All meeting are open the public.

Past Events

Meeting Name


Ranching and Conservation - Business Solutions for  Liability Insurance, Housing and Rancher-Manager Collaboration

Fall 2023

Cattle Grazing and Wildfire Fuels

Spring 2023

Livestock Pond Restoration

Fall 2022

Adaptive rotational grazing and soil carbon sequestration

Spring, 2022

Vibrant Rangelands, Ways Forward (online presentation)


Let’s talk about compost and rangelands:  Field data, roundtable discussion, and field tour

Fall 2021

Cattle Behavior, Grazing Management and Technology

Spring 2021

Managing Habitat Ponds on Central Coast Rangelands

Spring 2020

Beef, Bees, Trees and Gelato: Doing and Earning More from a Ranch

Fall 2019

Sustaining Ranching for Public Good

Spring 2019

Rangeland Productivity

Fall 2018

Conservation Easements to Keep Ranches Working

Spring 2018

Ranching in Carnivore Country: Livestock Protection and Compensation Programs on the Central Coast

Fall 2017

Targeted/Prescribed (Rotational / Deferral) Livestock Grazing for Meeting Conservation Goals

Spring 2017

Grazing to Improve Habitat for Grassland Plants and Birds

Fall 2016

Rancher Economics

Spring 2016

Where Grazing and Regulations Meet: Working Together for Ranching and Water Quality

Fall 2015 (Oct)

Keeping Cattle and People at Home on the Range: Positive Livestock and Recreation Interactions

Fall 2015 (Sept)

Protecting Critters on Both Sides of the Fence: Practical Techniques for Protecting Livestock and Carnivores

Spring 2015

Helping Each Other Weather the Worst of Times

Fall 2014

Leases that Work for the Land, Landowners, Lessees, and Livestock

Spring 2014

Rancher, Manager, and Scientist Forum on Rangeland Conservation

Winter 2014

Wildlife Teeming with Our Rangelands: Management Decisions for Deer and other Wildlife

Fall 2013

Open Range, Open Parks, Open Minds: Opportunities for Outreach in Grazed Parks and Ranches

Spring 2013

Importance of Coastal Grasslands and Influence of Shrub Establishment

Fall 2012

Rangeland Soils - They Aren't Just Dirt!

Spring 2012

Grazing and Rancher Stewardship for Native Conservation

Fall 2011

Grazing Public Lands for Conservation- Improving Cooperation between Public Agencies and Ranchers

Spring 2011

Remote Sensing for California's Rangelands

Spring 2011

Livestock and Water Quality 

Fall 2010

Spring 2010

Rangeland Health Monitoring Project - Results

Fall 2009

How and Why to Manage and Monitor for Residual Dry Matter (RDM)

Fall 2008

Experts Roundtable: Soil Indicators of Rangeland Health

Spring 2008

Experts Roundtable: Designing Workshops for Monitoring and Managing for Wildlife On Central Coast Rangelands

Spring 2008

Grazing Management Planning


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