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California Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS)

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Welcome to the California Aquatic Invasive Species team! 

  • Identify aquatic invaders and learn about problems they cause
  • Report any you see in our wetlands and waterways
  • Learn how to avoid spreading them to new areas

A nutria. Photo USFWS
A nutria. Photo USFWS
We host a series of lunchtime webinars as part of California Invasive Species Action Week in June each year. Brought to you by UC Agriculture and Natural Resource and the California Invasive Plant Council, come hear from the experts about emerging tree pests, aquatic invasive species, and invasive weeds and fire. Past years have included general overviews of invasive species in our waterways, and a deep dive into the spread of nutria. 

What species is it?

STEP 1: Think you see an aquatic invasive species? LOOK FOR IT HERE!

  • FIRST, Please take photos
    • Close view of the species
    • View of the species in its surroundings
      • DON'T handle animals or risk falling into the water!
      • You can upload multiple photos to the same report.

Tell us about it!

STEP 2: Now that you know what it is, please REPORT it!

If you are going somewhere without Internet access, please take photos and upload a report with your photo(s) later.

When you are in the field, please also make notes about:

  • the location
  • type of habitat,
  • date and time of day that you saw the species
  • latitude and longitude, if possible. 

Learn More

Access scientific references and links to sites with much more AIS information at the LEARN MORE page.

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