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About Us

Who We Are and Why We Created This Site

Our goal is to assist people who are active in California's wetlands and waterways to recognize aquatic invasive species (AIS), learn about problems they cause, report sightings and avoid spreading them to new areas.

he California Aquatic Invasive Species Website was created through a joint effort by University of California Agriculture & Natural Resources (UCANR) - Cooperative Extension and by NOAA - California Sea Grant Extension Program supported by a 2014-2015 USDA Renewable Resources Extension Act grant (ANR Project #14-3375) and updated in 2021 with support from USDA Renewable Resources Extension Act grant (ANR Project #20-6272). 

The leadership team includes Sabrina Drill with UCCE Los Angeles and Ventura Counties, Ted Grosholz with UC Davis, and Elizabeth Brusati with CDFW. Sarah Angulo  developed the Story Map and and Eliot Fruetel updated the web page. Both are with the with the UC California Naturalist Program. Rebecca Webb compiled the information and designed the What species is it? page.  Shane Feirer and Robert Johnson of UCANR IGIS created the distribution map. Ryan Keiffer and Ryan Krason provided general project support. 

Leigh Taylor-Johnson and Greg Giusti of UCANR and Carolynn Culver of California Sea Grant Extension led development of the original site along with Dr. Drill and Dr. Grosholz. 

We also wish to thank everyone who reviewed the website's content and its navigation and reporting systems. Thank you, too, to the photographers, who allowed us to present their images! Contributing agencies included CA Resources Agency, CA Department of Fish and Wildlife, CA Department of Boating and Waterways, US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, US National Park Service, as well as the California Invasive Plant Council. 


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