California Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS)
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California Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS)

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Who We Are and Why We Created This Site

The California Aquatic Invasive Species Website is a joint effort by University of California Agriculture & Natural Resources (UCANR) - Cooperative Extension and by NOAA - California Sea Grant Extension Program. Our most important goals are to assist people who are active in California's wetlands and waterways to recognize aquatic invasive species (AIS), learn about problems they cause, report sightings and avoid spreading them to new areas. We also want to help people access scientific references about AIS and link to organizations that are working to control them. Please send questions and comments to us at

This website and reporting system were supported by a 2014-2015 USDA Renewable Resources Extension Act grant (ANR Project #14-3375) and by UCANR and California Sea Grant that supported participation by the persons listed below.

We wish to thank Rebecca Webb for compiling the information, designing the What species is it? and Scientific References pages, and providing general support for the project. The leadership team included Leigh Johnson, Sabrina Drill, Ted Grosholz and Greg Giusti of UCANR Cooperative Extension and Carolynn Culver of California Sea Grant Extension. Shane Feirer and Robert Johnson of UCANR IGIS created the reporting and mapping systems. Kevin Taniguchi and Hisashi Young of UCANR CSIT and Ryan Keiffer and Ryan Krason of UCANR Cooperative Extension provided technical advice.

We also wish to thank everyone who reviewed the website's content and its navigation and reporting systems. Thank you, too, to the photographers, who allowed us to present their images!


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