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Prevention & Social Marketing

Activities To Complete Before the Group Meeting

We will be reviewing public health education messages. These are also sometimes called Public Service Announcements (PSA) or Social Marketing. Before our next meeting, find a meme, video, poster, handout, post or any other educational material related to any disease and answer the questions below. 

1) Who is the audience for this? Age/gender/issue

2) What is the behavior or habit they want people to do? 

During the Meeting

For the activity you will need to have: 

1) A balled up tissue

2) A face mask

3) A tape measure, 6 pieces of paper, or 6 shoes and a ruler. 


We will be watching a few videos, which if you want to see again are: 

Hand soap vs. sanitizer 

No touch Video 

Should you go out video 

How masks work video

Gimme 6 feet music video

Activities To Complete After the Group Meeting

Developing health education materials: 

As a team, you need to develop a sign, handout, post, meme, video, song or other educational item to teach others on what they can do to prevent the spread of disease during meetings or in the classroom.

Some ways to accomplish this:

  • use a Google Slide that everyone can work on together for handouts or posters.
  • Use Canva for handouts, posters, banners and memes.
  • Use TikTok, imovie or Zoom to make a video or song. 
  • If you need to meet live, you can use the Zoom, Facetime or Google hangout.

You will present your materials at the next meeting. These materials may be shared with others to use. 

An additional video and game on how masks work can be found at