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Public Service & Policies

Actvities To Complete Before the Group Meeting

Please have the group leader send the developed health education materials to your project leader or teacher the day before your next meeting. 

Instructions for completing this activity are found on the Lesson 7 page at https://ucanr.edu/sites/DiseaseDetectives/Prevention_-_Social_Marketing/

During the Meeting

Health Education Materials

Today you will share the educational materials you have developed. Each Group Leader should plan to share their screen to show everyone what has been created. Please send these materials to your Project Leader or teacher beforehand in case there are problems, and so that they have a copy to share. 

4-H Policies

You may be reviewing and discussing the current California 4-H policies around "Re-opening" meetings. These resources may help you to decide what policies should exist: 

Learning Quiz

Let's see how much you learned over the past month! Follow this link to take the COMING SOON. 

Activities To Complete After the Group Meeting

Congratulations, you are now a 4-H Junior Disease Detective!

If you would like a certificate for your record book, you can download it here.

There is a cool on-line game where you can now test out your disease detective skills. Give it a try at https://www.cdc.gov/mobile/applications/sto/

We encourage you to share what you have learned with your 4-H club and other classes. You may also want to consider leading this project or teaching this in the future. Is there an adult volunteer you could partner with to teach as a Teen Leader? Another teacher at your school who would want you to teach this to their class? You can find the lesson plan materials on the Educator Resources tab. Contact the Community Education Specialist in your county to obtain the password.