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Education Materials

Alignment of Early Childhood Materials to California Preschool Learning Foundations

Environmental Experiences for Early Childhood Guide & CD
PLT’s early childhood materials provide an introduction to environmental education, encouraging children to explore, discover and communicate in expressive ways. Correlations to Standards-Early Childhood Activity Guide and K-2 Content Standards

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K-8th Grade Materials

PLT's Explore your Environment: K-8 Activity Guide
PLT's new flagship curriculum includes 50 hands-on, multidisciplinary activities to connect children to nature and increase young people's awareness and knowledge about their environment. Activities include detailed step-by-step instructions, academic correlations, time and material requirements, and corresponding student worksheets with green career connections. This supplementary curriculum is designed to develop student's critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Connecting PLT Explore your ENVIRONMENT K-8 Activity Guide to Next Generation Science Standards(NGSS)

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Energy & Society Kit

Developed for both formal and non-formal educators, Energy & Society helps students develop critical thinking skills to make decisions about their personal energy use. In addition to hands-on activities, Energy & Society integrates music and dance to enhance the study of energy issues. Correlations to Standards-Energy & Society, alignments to standards Energy & Society dance music

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Billy B Sings About Trees CD
PLT and well-known children's performing artist and songwriter Bill Brennan have teamed together again to produce a new CD -- all about trees! Billy B Sings About Trees helps teach children about the value of our woodlands through fun and entertaining music.

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Service Learning Materials and Resources

PLT's GreenSchools! Investigations
Engage students in STEM as they investigate their school site, energy use, water, waste and recycling practices. Best used with grades 5 and higher, the investigations provide students tools and resources to make their schools green and healthy. Register online to access each investigation individually, or purchase a print copy of the complete set. Correlations to Standards-GreenSchools!

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GreenWorks! Grants
Do you have an idea for an environmental improvement project? Need funds to implement it? Apply for a GreenWorks! grant from PLT.

Since 1992, PLT has funded over 1,000 projects in communities across the country. Themes include (but are not limited to) habitat restoration, watershed improvement, outdoor classroom creation, and energy conservation.

*The annual deadline is September 30th. Please note: PLT is not currently seeking GreenWorks! grant applications in 2021. PLT will announce future funding opportunities through the PLT's national newsletter. 

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Secondary Modules

Exploring Environmental Issues: Biodiversity
In this sixty-page module, students learn that decisions about growth and development, energy use and water quality, and even human health, all rest to some extent on perspectives about biodiversity. Correlations to Standards-Biodiversity 

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Exploring Environmental Issues: Focus on Forests
This module is designed to foster student understanding of and appreciation for the forested lands throughout North America. The module’s activities provide an opportunity for hands-on study of forest resources while addressing concepts in biology, civics, ecology, economics, forest management, and other subject areas. Correlations to Standards-Focus on Forests

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Global Connections: Forests of the World
The activities in this module provide students with opportunities to apply scientific processes and higher order thinking skills while investigating world forestry issues and conducting service learning action projects.

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Exploring Environmental Issues: Places We Live
This module provides educators with a useful tool for place-based education to help create a bond between young citizens and their communities. Students will explore current and future community environmental issues, enabling them to make informed decisions about those issues.

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Exploring Environmental Issues: Focus on Risk
Through eight hands-on activities, students analyze, explore, discover, and learn about risk assessment, risk communication, risk perception, and risk management. There are also three special topics that encourage students to apply their knowledge real-life risk issues. Critical thinking, problem solving, and decision making are emphasized throughout the module. Correlations to Standards-Focus on Risk

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Biotechnology Supplement for Exploring Environmental Issues: Focus on Risk
Our Biotechnology Series is designed for high school and community college educators in the fields of biology, environmental science, social studies, and agriculture. Correlations to Standards-Biotechnology

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Exploring Environmental Issues: Municipal Solid Waste
This module uses hands-on experiences to show interrelationships among waste generation, natural resource use, and disposal. The activities guide students through waste management strategies and solutions while providing the necessary tools to make informed decisions and choices on waste management issues. Correlations to Standards-Municipal Solid Waste

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