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UC Davis classes


Undergraduate teaching

GDB101: Epidemiology
This is an upper division class that is required for both the GDB major and minor.  It is offered at least once each academic year, in Winter Quarter; an additional offering is taught, depending on demand, in Fall Quarter.

The class covers basic principles in epidemiology, focusing on dynamic processes.  Examples are drawn from human, animal and public health.  Practical sessions (labs) are used to gain experience of building models of disease dynamics.

Graduate teaching

Two graduate classes are taught, alternating year about

A graduate seminar in computational methods for capturing and analyzing stakeholder/human subjects data.  This is a participatory research seminar which Neil leads.  The class makes heavy use of R, but is focused on concepts rather than in-depth treatment of statistical methods.


A class in quantitative methods, aimed at students in the Plant Pathology Graduate Group, but open to any interested graduate student.  The aim is to develop basic competence in general quantitative methods with broad applicability in biology.  

Graduate seminar on stakeholder opinion data: schematic

Stakeholder analysis