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Southeast Asian Agriculture

Veg Crops

Southeast Asian farms produced more than 21,000 tons of produce in Fresno County in 2019 worth an estimated $25.7m. This is up from 10,000+ tons in 2018.1

Crops include traditional squashes (luffa, winter melon, bittermelon, wax gourd, kabocha, and snake gourd), Asian brassica crops (bok choy, yu choy, gai lan, tatsoi, Chinese cabbage, and  mustard greens) and other greens (malabar spinach, water spinach, yam leaves, and okra leaves), long beans, daikon, snap, sugar, and snow pea, lemongrass, sugarcane, taro, and many other specialty Asian vegetables and herbs classified by Fresno County as “oriental vegetables” in crop reports.

In 2007, a UCCE survey found over 1,300 Southeast Asian farmers in Fresno County.  For more information, see the data compiled by UCCE Fresno County in Southeast Asian Farms in Fresno County .


1Data from 2019 Annual Crop and Livestock Reports, Fresno County Agricultural Commissioner's Office.

UCR Long Bean Varietal Improvement Program

Long Bean Breeding in CA

The UCCE Fresno Small Farms & Specialty Crop team has been assisting Dr. Bao-Lam Huynh from UCR with his project: "Varietal Improvement of Fresh-Market Long Bean to Overcome Biotic Stress and Expand Production", funded by the a CDFA Specialty Crop Block Grant.

For more information about this project - visit their website!

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