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eLearning Course: Spotted Lanternfly in California

This course is designed to inform the public, master gardeners and other stakeholders on the threat posed by spotted lanternfly (SFL) to the state of California. SLF is a destructive invasive insect threatening agricultural and ornamental plants.

A key to slowing the spread of SLF is early detection and rapid response, which requires education of citizens and resource professionals.  With the assistance of the California Department of Food and Agriculture, UC Academics, and Penn State Extension the UC Master Gardener Program “Spotted Lanternfly in California” is now available. The course provides an overview of spotted lanternfly ecology and empowers learners to detect and report spotted lanternfly. 

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Spotted Lanternfly in California

eLearning Course: Spotted Lanternfly in California

eLearning course Spotted Lanternfly in California
eLearning course Spotted Lanternfly in California

Spotted Lanternfly Training Outline

(30 mins to complete module)
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Chapter 1: The Invasive Spotted Lanternfly
Chapter 2: Identifying the Spotted Lanternfly
Chapter 3: Monitoring the Spotted Lanternfly
Chapter 4: Preparing the for Spotted Lanternfly

Spotted Lanternfly Quiz: 20 questions
(10 mins to complete quiz)

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With funding from the California Department of Agriculture, and support from a national academic research team, the University of California Master Gardener Program has developed this webpage and accompanying educational eLearning Spotted Lanternfly course. 

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