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Fashion Revue

Stanislaus County 

2024 Fashion Revue

STAY TUNED FOR 2024 Categories and Information!


*Categories and Info Under Construction*

  • Traditional
  • Consumer Science Purchased, $40.00 Limit
  • Box Challenge: Pants
  • Historical Challenge
  • Trashion Fashion Challenge

2022 State Fashion Revue Category Descriptions

Categories have changed--See below

Please note: Members may enter once in up to 2 categories.  The garments, accessories, and shoes for each outfit must be distinctly different. An item in one outfit may not also be used as part of another outfit.

Be prepared to give a short introduction to the judges about yourself and your outfit.  Tell them things like your name, club name, why you chose this outfit, and where you might wear it (1 minute or less)  

All outfits must meet the 4-H Dress Guidelines. For State Fashion Revue, all shorts, skirts, dresses, etc. must be at least fingertip length due to the raised stage for the fashion show. County Fashion Revue winners will need to follow these guidelines in order to move on to the State Revue.  

State Fashion Revue Handbook is used and can be found HERE.

Entry forms will be sent to Clothing, Textile, Sewing, Arts & Crafts Leaders. The event is open to all 4-H members including other counties. 

Please type your commentary and attach it to your entry form.  A separate commentary is required for each category that you are entering.  Have someone read your commentary while you practice modeling. This will give you a better idea of how short or long you will need your commentary to be.

For commentary guidelines, click here: Commentary Helpful Hints

If you are a County winner, you may go on to the State Fashion Revue in May 28, 2022 in Davis, CA. Registration forms and all other information can be found by clicking HERE. You will need pictures, commentary, and other required items with your State entry.  State registration ends April 29th, 2022 by 5pm.