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ANR Statewide Programs and Research and Extension Center Operations (SWPR) manages the budget, financial, personnel, programmatic and administrative operations for the program side of ANR;

Units served include:

  • ANR Senior Leadership
  • ANR 13 Statewide Programs and Institutes
  • ANR 9 Research and Extension Centers

Other services are provided to:

  • ANR Strategic Initiative Leaders
  • Program Teams and Workgroups
  • Academic Assembly Council
  • Endowed Chairs
  • Financial Services
  • Government and Community Relations
  • Program Planning & Evaluation
  • Program Support Unit
  • Resource, Planning & Management
  • Strategic Communications

All ANR Senior Leadership funding flows through this group; 1 Vice President, 2 Associate Vice Presidents, 3 Vice Provosts and 8 ANR systemwide CE Specialists