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UC Weed Science Reports
UC Weed Science Reports
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UC Weed Science Blog

  • Common purslane: weed it and eat it

    Added September 14, 2018
    Common purslane leaves and flowers (Photo by Joe DiTomaso)

    This has been a big year for purslane at the UC Davis farm. Common purslane (Portulaca oleracea) is a succulent summer annual weed with fleshy leaves and rubbery-looking stems. Native to Eurasia, or maybe Africa, purslane arrived in the Americas with the...

  • New class of herbicides?

    Added September 13, 2018
    Weeds bordering avocado orchard

    From the Topics in Subtropics blog   A garden can be a competitive environment. Plants and unseen microorganisms in the soil all need precious space to grow. And to gain that space, a microbe might produce and use chemicals that kill its plant...

  • Will climate change affect the sensitivity of weeds to herbicides?

    Added September 10, 2018
    Translocation of glyphosate

    Herbicides are the main means of controlling weeds. Recently, there has been increasing concern over the potential impacts of climate change, specifically, increasing temperatures and elevated carbon dioxide (CO2) concentrations, on the sensitivity of...

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