Master Gardeners of Ventura County
University of California
Master Gardeners of Ventura County


Master Gardeners volunteer about 20,000 hours each year to gardening programs around Ventura County.  These programs include everything from hosting garden-based field trips for school children and building community gardens, to assisting with agricultural research.  Here are a few examples:

UC Master Gardeners at the Ventura County Fair
UC Master Gardeners at the Ventura County Fair

- Staffing Master Gardener Helpline.  Master Gardeners provide callers with free gardening advice,
... and troubleshoot common gardening problems on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.

- Giving gardening talks and presentations

- Supporting applied research projects for UCCE advisors

- Hosting gardening workshops for home gardeners

- Supporting the Ventura County Fair

- Answering gardener questions at community events and workshops

- Maintaining Master Gardener approved garden sites

We don’t make home visits, design or install your home garden, or make on-site diagnoses.  However, when it involves gardening, contact us.  Maybe we can suggest other organizations that may be helpful.



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