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John Shelly, Ph.D.

CE Advisor - Forest Products and Biomass Utilization, Emeritus
UC Berkeley, Richmond Field Station
1301 South 46th Street, Bldg 478
Richmond, CA 94804
(510) 665-3491
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Dr. Shelly is a Cooperative Extension Advisor in Biomass and Forest Product Utilization at the University of California at Berkeley, Richmond Field Station. His primary area of interest and expertise is in the physical properties of wood and manufacturing technology with an emphasis on woody biomass, including underutilized urban and timber species. His current efforts are focused on the technology needed to wisely use these underutilized resources to enhance forest health and economic development. He is currently leading major research projects focused on the utilization of non-commercial western hardwood species, small diameter trees, diseased and dying trees, sudden oak death infected wood, and urban tree removals. He is one of the California’s leading experts on the conversion of woody biomass into energy, liquid fuels, and other value-added products. John has a MS and PhD in Wood Science and Technology (WS&T) from the University of California at Berkeley and a BS in WS&T from Penn State University. Prior to assuming his academic position at the University of California at Berkeley he was on the faculty at the University of Kentucky. As a wood scientist he has authored over 60 scientific and extension publications and presented papers and talks at over 150 conferences and workshops.


Ph.D. Wood Science and Technology, UC Berkeley. 1988


Forest Products, Wood manufacturing methods, biomass utilization,physical properties of wood

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