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Woody biomass in forests is a huge potential resource in California.  Many forests are at great risk of wildfire or disease due to interruptions in the natural fire cycle.  Ecological restoration and fuels reduction projects create large volumes of woody biomass material often piled and burnt despite its product manufacturing or renewable energy generation potential. 

Woody biomass utilization offers land managers an opportunity to dispose of material in a cost effective manner and reduce emissions while creating local economic development. The Woody Biomass Utilization Group at UC Berkeley raises awareness and provides technical assistance in the following areas:

Workshops - Working closely with Cooperative Extension advisors, USFS districts, community organizations and project developers, the group organizes several workshops each year providing salient information on opportunities and challenges related to wood biomass utilization.

Grant Assistance - Proving current information on availability of grant opportunities for innovative projects in wood biomass utilization from federal state and private entities. The group provides provide assistance in developing grant proposals.

Policy Updates on legislative efforts that impact the use of woody biomass.

Technical Assistance from our staff of Wood Product and Bioenergy specialists.

Woody Biomass Resource Library - A compendium of published reports and papers on wood utilization topics critical to understanding the feedstock, potential, technology, and market opportunities of Wood Biomass. Topics include value-added wood processing, wood-to-energy applications and conversion technology, and wood properties.

Collaborative Efforts - We provide opportunities to coordinate and share information on woody biomass utilization activities, to identify key research and extension needs, and to develop projects that address those needs.

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