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Please be advised: This course is written for, and specifically aimed at, growers in Region 9, the San Diego Region, to meet the requirements of the Agriculture Waiver/Order for this region.  The certification is not good for any other region.

The Agricultural Water Quality Continuing Education Course is divided into 4 chapters with non-graded, section quizzes. At the end of Chapter 4, you will be prompted to complete the final quiz and must score at least a 75% in order to receive a certificate of completion. Should you not succeed, you may retake the course as many times as you need in order to pass and receive 2 hours credit.

Also Note: You will need to create a username and password in order to take the course. This will help aid in issuing you a certificate of completion should you pass the final quiz. 

**This online continuing education course does not meet the current general order for commercial agriculture water quality requirements. New online course will be coming soon in 2019.**

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Course Information

Chapter 1: Introduction - Laws & Regulation

Chapter 2: Irrigation & Erosion

Chapter 3: Nutrient Management & Composting

Chapter 4: Pesticides & Spill Kits

Final Quiz: Multiple Choice taken from Chapter quizzes



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