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Water Conservation

Beginning January 1, 2008, the County of San Diego will initiate a mandatory 30% cut back on agricultural water usage due to drought.  Urban user and home owners are also encouraged to reduce water consumption.  

Read this North County Times Editorial and Brief History for some background.

Southern California Water Agencies- "Be Water Wise" is a comprehensive website targeting home and urban water usage and how to conserve water in these areas. This page also emphasizes rebates for families, individuals, and home-owners.

San Diego County Water Authority- "20 Gallon Challenge" is a program from the San Diego County Water Authority focusing on home owners saving 20 gallons of water per day.

Water Conservation Links for the home:

UC IPM Weed Conservation Quick Tip Cards:
Weeds use water; weed control equals water conservation.

Strategies for Dealing with Water Cutbacks on Avocado Crops - by Gary Bender