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Water and Nutrient Management in Avocado and Citrus

Recent talks by UC's new irrigation engineers can help shed light on irrigation improvements that also apply to plant health and better orchard management. The Pourreza talk has implications for identifying HLB infected citrus trees, as well as trees in general stress. The Spann presentation shows how avocado growers will be able to adjust fertilizer applications to their orchards.  These talks are posted on the California Avocado Society website.


Below are links to our April Seminar presentations
Click on the presentation title and please make sure to either download or save to your computer
"Old and New Smart Agriculture"
Khaled Bali
Irrigation Specialist, Kearney REC
Alireza Pourreza
Assistant Agricultural Mechanization Engineer, UC Davis
Tim Spann, PHD
CAC Research Program Director, 

avocado irrigation
avocado irrigation

Posted on Friday, May 18, 2018 at 7:20 AM
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