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  • Citrus Showcase in Visalia, March 2, 2017

    Added February 27, 2017
    citrus showcase

    2017 Citrus Showcase Join us on March 2, 2017 at the Visalia Convention Center for the largest citrus specific conference and trade show in California! CCM's Annual Citrus Showcase features multiple educational workshops, a trade show of over 100...

  • Soil pH Reduction with Organic Amendments

    Added February 23, 2017
    lemon waste

    Soil pH along most of the California coast north of Los Angeles ranges between 7.3 and 8, which is generally higher than many edible and ornamental plants prefer.  In some cases, availability of micronutrients such as iron is severely limited in...

  • Elderberry as a New Crop

    Added February 21, 2017

    An increasingly sought after health product are the fruit and flowers of elderberry – Sambucus mexicana. It is a nutraceutical which has more antioxidants than other dark fruit like blackberry and pomegranate. It's a California native, but it is...

  • California Ag Statistics for Review

    Added February 17, 2017
    Ca drought

    The California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) has released the 2015-2016 California Agricultural Statistics Review. The Review provides an overview of the state's agricultural statistics and weather highlights, as well as county-specific and...

  • Flowmeters? You Need One.

    Added February 15, 2017

            At a recent CA Avocado Society meeting there was a discussion about bout flowmeters and their selection. Flowmeters measure the volume of water moving through a full-flowing closed pipe and as such are one of the key...

  • Free Workshop for State Grants for Irrigation

    Added February 13, 2017

Avocado Production in California Books

Book 1: Background Information

In Book 1, Gary S. Bender, Farm Advisor, takes you through the history of the avocado industry in California and teaches you about grove development.

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Book 2: Cultural Care

Book 2 focuses on cultural care and includes articles on irrigation, fertilization, disease and insect control, vertebrate pest management, pruning and frost management. The author for most of the articles is Gary S. Bender, Farm Advisor for Subtropical Horticulture in San Diego County.

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