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  • Control Argentine Ant and Biocontrol Can Really Work

    Added July 21, 2017
    argentine ant and scale

    Argentine Ant is a very aggressive invader that disrupts native ant populations and at the same time disrupts biocontrol agents that help control, such pests as scale, aphids and mealy bugs in citrus and other tree crop species.  They...

  • Don't Fight It, Bite It

    Added July 19, 2017
    nutsedge nuts

    Rain is unusual in that it germinates weed seeds and then the need to manage them in some fashion arises. Many subtropical tree growers do not like the potential impact of pre-emergent herbicides on tree growth due to potential damage to shallow roots....

  • What a Mess: Roof Rats in Orchards

    Added July 17, 2017
    rat 3

    The roof rat (Rattus rattus, a.k.a. citrus rat, fruit rat, black rat, or gray rat) is an introduced species of rat native to southern Asia. It was brought to America on the first ships to reach the New World and has spread around the world. This rat is...

  • Avocado Grower Seminar Series – Ambrosia Beetle Seminar Coming to California

    Added July 14, 2017

    “Laurel wilt – A new threat to California's avocado industry” Presented by: California Avocado Society, Inc., California Avocado Commission, University of California Cooperative Extension, and University of Florida's Tropical...

  • Avocado Orchards in Fire Season

    Added July 11, 2017
    IMG 2031

    The very fact that avocados can be grown in hard to get to places means that the trees are also in areas that are subject to wildfire damage. Recently several hundred acres of avocado burned in the Fillmore/Santa Paula foothills. The fire was fanned by...

  • Case Study: Branch Canker and Hendersonula Diseases Troubling Growers in the Desert

    Added July 10, 2017
    canker 1

    In the fall of 2016 growers in the Coachella desert have been experience very puzzling symptoms on their grapefruit trees. One incident, symptoms the tree had gumming oozing from the branches (Fig. 1). Usually if it were oozing from the stump it would...

Avocado Production in California Books

Book 1: Background Information

In Book 1, Gary S. Bender, Farm Advisor, takes you through the history of the avocado industry in California and teaches you about grove development.

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Book 2: Cultural Care

Book 2 focuses on cultural care and includes articles on irrigation, fertilization, disease and insect control, vertebrate pest management, pruning and frost management. The author for most of the articles is Gary S. Bender, Farm Advisor for Subtropical Horticulture in San Diego County.

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