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  • Part of an Integrated Program for Controlling Asian Citrus Psyllid

    Added March 29, 2017
    ACP adult and nymph

    This is the abstract of a presentation that was made at the recent Huanglongbing Conference held in Orlando, FL. This and other paper abstracts will soon be available at:   Spray application of...

  • $92 Avocado for Wholesale Trees? Avocado Trees are Selling Well.

    Added March 27, 2017
    avocado in bloom

    A recent auction in South Africa was selling 'Maluma' variety of avocado for $92 a tree.  That is more than the average price of avocado nursery trees in that country and a lot more than what is paid in California or Florida.  That variety has...

  • Huanglongbing Conference and the Forefront of HLB Research

    Added March 24, 2017
    HLB symptoms

    The recent Huanglongbing Conference in Orlando, FL was chock full of people and ideas. Some of the ideas were still in the fermentation state and some were in practice on farm. One of the ideas that has been put into practice is the use of antibiotics,...

  • Carfentrazone-ethyl (Shark®) use in Avocados

    Added March 23, 2017
    Leaf damage in non-target plant

    Shark (carfentrazone) has been currently labeled for use in California avocados.   It's widely used in many tree and vine crops.  It's a Protoporphyrinogen oxidase (PPO) inhibitor. PPO is an enzyme in the chloroplast cell that oxidizes...

  • Resistant Citrus Selections to HLB?

    Added March 20, 2017
    HLB resistant variety

    Three citrus trees that produce inedible fruit at the UC Lindcove Research and Extension Center in Visalia may be a game-changer for the citrus industry, reported Ezra David Romero on Valley Public Radio. The trees are thought to be resistant...

  • California State Soil - San Joaquin Series

    Added March 17, 2017

    Many states have a designated state bird, flower, fossil, mineral, etc. In California, the state bird is the California Valley Quail, the state flower is the Golden Poppy, the state fossil is the Sabertoothed Cat, and the state mineral is Native Gold....

Avocado Production in California Books

Book 1: Background Information

In Book 1, Gary S. Bender, Farm Advisor, takes you through the history of the avocado industry in California and teaches you about grove development.

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Book 2: Cultural Care

Book 2 focuses on cultural care and includes articles on irrigation, fertilization, disease and insect control, vertebrate pest management, pruning and frost management. The author for most of the articles is Gary S. Bender, Farm Advisor for Subtropical Horticulture in San Diego County.

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