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The Origin of the Avocado

Avocado is native to the New World, originating in southern Mexico, Central America and the West Indies. The fruit has long been used as a food by Native Americans in these regions and was know by the Aztecs as “ahuacatl”.


“They are large trees, with broad leaves similar to those of the laurel, but larger and more green.  They bear pears weighing a pound and even more, though some weigh less, and the color and shape is that of true pears, and the rind somewhat thicker, but softer, and in the center of the fruit is a seed like a peeled chestnut…and between this and the rind is the part which is eaten, which is abundant and is a paste similar to butter and of very good eating and of good taste, and such that those who have these fruits guard them and esteem them highly and the trees are wild as are the others which I have mentioned, for the chief gardener is God, and Indians apply no work whatever to them.  Thee pears are excellent when eaten with cheese, and they are gathered before they are ripe and stored, and when treated thus they ripen perfectly for eating but after they have reached this stage they spoil quickly if allowed to stand.”

















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