Avocado Webinar - Weeds and Biostimulants

Aug 4, 2020

Wednesday, August 12

9 - noon

Avocado Grower Webinar

Weeds and Biostimulants

Sonia Rios (UCCE Farm Advisor, Riverside/San Diego Counties Subtropical Horticulture) will talk about how to identify different weeds and the various methods that can be used to control them. And if glyphosate is lost, what chemical alternatives are available and how would they be used. A look at new products.

Ben Faber (Subtropical Crops Advisor, Ventura/Santa Barbara Counties) will talk about biostimulants in agriculture. What are they? How might they work? How to assess whether they work? There are many different new products brought on to the market every year that purport to improve plant growth and yield, often with lavish claims. Can some of those claims be backed up with solid data? Some can and some can't. How does one decide what is worth trying?


By Ben Faber
Author - Advisor

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