ANR Peer Review and Publication Production
University of California
ANR Peer Review and Publication Production

Communications Advisory Board approval of large publications

If an author intends his/her manuscript to be a printed book or a multi-element curriculum kit, its concept must be approved by the Communications Advisory Board before peer review begins. 

To get this process underway, authors complete the online Proposed Printed Publication survey and attach a draft table of contents. In the survey answers, authors address the project’s content, production needs, and potential market.

Upon receipt of this survey, Director of Publishing Jim Downing solicits comment about the proposed publication by its subject area Associate Editor. The AE provides his/her opinion as to whether the proposed publication/project ought to be funded, for example, “this topic is a high priority for our program area, people have been talking about doing it for years and the workgroup is fully behind it,” or “it’s an obscure topic and not very important,” etc. 

In the meantime, CS staff does a production cost estimate and marketing analysis of the proposed publication and compiles this information—including the Associate Editor’s comments—into a proposal that is presented to the Communication Advisory Board at its next quarterly meeting. Jim Downing then communicates the Board’s decision to the author and Associate Editor.

Criteria used by Advisory Board to prioritize publications/projects

  • Associate Editor recommendation
  • appropriateness of publication/project as proposed
  • program/Division priorities
  • collaboration/involvement with program people in development of publication idea
  • perceived need for the information
  • market potential and ability to return investment
  • level of production costs

Submission deadline for CAB-approved manuscripts
If a CAB-approved manuscript/project has not been provided to the Associate Editor for peer review within four years of its approval, its author must resubmit the proposal for CAB approval again, when the manuscript is closer to completion.

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