ANR Peer Review and Publication Production
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ANR Peer Review and Publication Production

Video peer review

Associate Editor involvement
Due to staff time and resources used in video production, Associate Editors are involved in three stages of review:

  • the idea
  • the written outline or script
  • the rough cut of the video

The Associate Editor's involvement at the idea stage ensures that someone with programmatic expertise knows about the proposed project before any work has begun. This involvement is a simple notification—by writing, email or phone call—from the author to the Associate Editor that he or she is planning to do the project. At that point we urge that all clients receive an Instructional Program Development Plan.

The Instructional Program Development Plan helps clients identify the goals of the visual project, target the audience, and look at other ways to complement it. This Plan can be downloaded from the above link or copies can be requested from Strategic Communications. All potential clients wishing to do a video should complete the Instructional Program Development Plan before any production begins.

In addition, all clients wishing to do a video production must have funding available to pay for the service. Costs vary dramatically, but a rough estimate is approximately $500 per finished minute.

Peer review process for videos
1.   Author notifies associate editor that video is planned. AE has option to refocus idea. (AE's first contact at idea stage) AE or Communication Services provides author with Instructional Program Development Plan to help shape project. AE notifies Spanish Language AE that a Spanish version is planned, if applicable.

2.   Author works with CS producer director on script.

3.   Script—with descriptions of images—goes to AE for peer review.

4.   AE enlists reviewers.

5.   Reviewers evaluate the script and return it to AE.

6.   AE works with senior author and CS producer/director to ensure reviewers' comments and suggestions are incorporated. AE decides on programmatic acceptance of script. (AE's second contact at peer review of script)

7.   If pesticide use is recommended, script is sent to Statewide Pesticide Coordinator for approval.

8.   AE sends approved script and MF-21V to CS for production to begin. ANR number is assigned. A copy of script is sent to Spanish Language AE for preliminary translation, if applicable.

9.   Rough cut of video is made with input from author.

10. Rough cut is sent to AE. He/she can review and approve it or send it to the reviewers who reviewed outline/script. (AE's third contact for final approval of rough cut) A copy of rough cut is sent to the Spanish Language AE for review.

11. AE works w/ author and video producer/director to ensure that final comments and suggestions are incorporated.

12. Strat Comm producer/director completes video. If requested, a copy of final script and video is sent by producer/director to Spanish Language AE for final translation and script. Spanish version is produced.

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