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Impact Numbers and Stories

Resources compiled for internal organizational use




UC ANR Annual Reports - key program outputs and impact statements


Webpage with Statewide Compilation of Public Value Stories


UC ANR Impact StoryMap: (new/beta)

  • The StoryMap is a compilation of UCCE measured condition changes to help advance our efforts on measuring and communicating public value impact.
  • Scroll through the sidecar below the map to find examples of impact statements for each UC ANR condition change. 
  • For the following internal uses:
    • 1) Find and learn from examples of how UCCE advisors, specialists, and other academics have documented economic, social/health, or environmental impact; and
    • 2) Glean impact stories that have significant change in conditions for strategic communications and advocacy.
  • Click this link for a short video to learn more about the Impact StoryMap. 
  • For resources on how to measure condition changes see the UC ANR condition changes web page


Examples of Statewide Programs/Institutes Impact Materials


County Impact

Local Public Value Stories: UC Delivers

County ReportsAnnual county report populated templates; see examples of how data and/or design can be used



Statewide Outputs, Contacts, and Volunteers Summary

Click links below to view a dashboard for each metric. These dashboards are provided for internal use to house accurate metrics that are compiled annually and confirmed by statewide programs.



Statewide Effort Toward Condition Changes (FTE) - bottom of the UC ANR condition change web page

UC's Land-grant Academic Footprint Dashboard


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