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2020 Funding Opportunities/Grants


2020-2021 RREA Project & Student Intern Grants Program 

The UC ANR Renewable Resources Extension Act (RREA) Statewide Program is soliciting:

Proposals for projects that will develop and/or support new or existing Cooperative Extension projects and/or activities that address the educational and extension needs in the management of California's valuable renewable resources on forest and rangeland. The primary purpose of this program is to promote the proper management of these resources, especially on private lands, and to provide the information, education, and training needed by Extension personnel, landowners, land managers, and natural resource professionals. Maximum award is $15,000 per project.

Student Intern Proposals that utilize the services and talents of student interns. Internships are open to undergraduate or graduate students from any institution of higher education in California, particularly the University of California and the California State Universities. Interns will be funded up to $6,000. Intern proposals must demonstrate the connection to Cooperative Extension (county or campus office).

Submission Deadline: May 25, 2020

Apply through the Universal Review System in your ANR Portal. Login and find Universal Review System (URS)Open Systems, and click 2020-2021 RREA Project & Student Intern Grants. Here you can also download the proposal application and the RFP; the links are located on the left sidebar. An additional option to download the 2020 UC ANR RREA Proposal Application, or additional copies of the 2020-21 Request for Proposals, is available here: click here.

For questions about the RREA grant program please contact Devii Rao, Chair, RREA Technical Advisory Committee. 

For questions about the proposal submission process or technical requirements please contact Melanie Caruso, Research Administrator, ANR Program Planning and Evaluation Unit.




Western Extension Directors Association (WEDA) Awards of Excellence

Applications Due: FEBRUARY 21, 2020

The Western Extension Directors Association (WEDA) Awards of Excellence are given annually to individuals, and single or multi-state multi-discipline teams to recognize outstanding Extension education outreach programing. Winners receive a monetary stipend in support of their program, and a plaque and certificate presented by the Chair of the WEDA.

UC ANR is accepting applications for the individual and team award. Plan to have your WEDA Award of Excellence application submitted electronically to ANR by 5:00 p.m., Friday, FEBRUARY 21, 2020.

Application Instructions

Please click here, 2020 WEDA Awards of Excellence Application and Submission Instructions for  the application format and submission instructions. Applications will be submitted electronically in ANR's Universal Review System (URS) available through your ANR Portal.  If you do not have a email for the submission site, please contact Melanie Caruso for access to the system.

Thank you for your interest in applying for a WEDA Award of Excellence. For programmatic questions please contact Mark Lagrimini, ANR Vice Provost of Research and Extension. For submission or technical questions please contact Melanie Caruso, ANR Research Administrator.




ANR Opportunity Grants Program 

The Opportunity Grants Program will provide small amounts of resources to initiate and complete critical short-term research, outreach or training efforts. These projects must be time-sensitive in nature and take advantage of a unique opportunity where a small pilot project to collect initial data or an immediate, crucial outreach effort must take place in a timely manner to address an issue of importance. Proposed projects must be within the scope of the ANR Strategic Vision.

All ANR academics with PI status are eligible to apply. 

Proposals will be accepted at any time, as the opportunities arise. Proposals will be submitted to Melanie Caruso, ANR Program Planning & Evaluation Research Administrator, and will be reviewed by ANR Strategic Initiative Leaders and two ANR Vice Provosts. Because we recognize that these are time-sensitive projects the review process will take place after the third week of each month and submitters will be notified of their proposals outcome shortly thereafter.

Proposals will be a maximum of 3 pages in length and are to include the following elements:

1.  Justification indicating why it is critical that this project be addressed a short time frame.      

2.  Description of the project; study design, educational framework/audience, training program, etc.

3.  Detailed budget and budget narrative. 

4.  Indicate if the proposed project will complement or build off any opportunity grants previously funded project with a similar topic; the programs previously funded projects can be viewed here.       

Proposals will be evaluated using the following criteria:

a.  Importance: The focus and outcome are important.  

b.  Urgency: The activity is time-sensitive; i.e., there is a limited window of opportunity to implement and see the benefits of the activity. 

c.  Time Frame: The activity can be completed short-term. 

d.  Linkages: Shows implementation linkages with others in UC ANR.                 

Opportunity grants are limited to no more than $10,000 per project. All funded projects will be required to submit a detailed final report including potential impact around condition changes. All projects, including the final report, must be completed within 12 months of initiation. Furthermore, no extensions will be allowed.

The ANR Opportunity Grants Program is meant for time-sensitive, emergency-type projects that are not relevant for a future funding cycle.

ANR will provide a limited pool of funds for this grants program on an annual basis. The exact amount will be determined and announced annually based upon resource availability. The pool of funding will be managed to ensure that some resources are available year-round for timely projects.

Submit proposals by email to Melanie Caruso, ANR Program Planning & Evaluation.

For programmatic questions regarding the opportunity grants program please contact AVP Wendy Powers at

For questions about the opportunity grants submission process contact Melanie Caruso, ANR PP&E Research Administrator at




ANR Matching Grants Program    

(AUGUST 2020: The ANR Matching Grants Program is currently on hold and not accepting proposals)

The UC ANR Matching grants program will provide cash resources to develop and submit for external funding support of research, outreach or training efforts in response to requests for proposals from a grantor that stipulates a matching funds requirement.

Proposed projects must be within the scope of the ANR Strategic Vision. All ANR academics with PI status are eligible to apply. Proposals will be accepted at any time, as the opportunities present themselves. Proposals will be submitted to the Associate Vice President and reviewed by the ANR Strategic Initiative Leaders and two ANR Vice Provosts. Because we recognize that these are time-sensitive projects, the review process will take no more than one month.

Requests for matching funds will be no more than three pages in length and must include a link to the request for proposals, a justification indicating why it is appropriate for UC ANR to provide the cash match, description of the project (study design, educational framework/audience, training program, etc.) and detailed budget. Requests of up to a 1:1 cash match will be considered. No awards will be made until a contract between the grantor and UC ANR is executed. In addition to any reporting required by the grantor, all projects will require a final report with stated outcomes/impacts or anticipated outcomes/impacts. A final report to the grantor may be substituted if the final report contains outcome/impact information.

ANR will provide a limited pool of funds for this grant program on an annual basis. The pool of funding will be managed to ensure year-round availability for timely projects.

For questions about the Matching Grants program, please contact AVP Wendy Powers at

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