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Summary In 2004, Peppers were one of the top twenty crops produced in California. This workgroup will focus on all pepper types and address regional and statewide problems affecting this crop. Specific issues to be addressed are: a. Breeding and Genetics b. Horticultural Management and Production c. Integrated Pest Management d. Post Harvest and Food Safety
Workgroup Chair Information
Name Jose Aguiar (Chair)
Phone (760) 342-2467
Unit: Indio Office
Location: Cooperative Extension Riverside County, Indio Office
81-077 Indio Blvd.
Suites H, I, J
Indio, 92201-1994
Name Joe Nunez (Chair)
Unit: Kern County
Location: Cooperative Extension Kern County
1031 South Mount Vernon Avenue
Bakersfield, 93307
Membership List
AES Scientist
Coffey, Michael Plant Pathology
  Professor   Plant Pathologist Phytophthora and Powdery Mildew Diseases and their control: Taxonomy, Systematics, Phylogeny and Molecular Diagnosis of Phytophthora. Powdery mildews: disease resistance, fungicides
DeJong, Theodore Department of Plant Sciences
  Emeritus Professor   CE Pomologist-AES   Plant Physiologist-AES Environmental physiology; tree crop physiology; carbon partitioning and crop modeling; pomology; physiology and management of fruit tree crops; peach rootstock development and physiology; dried plum breeding
Gilbertson, Robert Plant Pathology - CAES
  Professor Seed pathology, virology, insect-transmitted viruses
Quiros, Carlos Department of Plant Sciences
  Emeritus Professor   Geneticist-AES Genetics of breeding of celery and brassicas, evolution of polyploids, molecular cytogenetics
Trumble, John Entomology (UCR)
  Distinguished Professor Plant compensation for insect herbivory; impact of air and heavy metal pollution on plant-insect interactions; biological and microbial control in sustainable agriculture; chemical ecology; participate on the celery and tomato guidelines
CE Advisor
Aegerter, Brenna San Joaquin County
  Farm Advisor Vegetable Crops, Plant Pathology
Aguiar, Jose Indio Office
  Farm Advisor Vegetable crops and small farms
Bi, Jianlong Santa Cruz County
  Farm Advisor Entomology Entomology
Dara, Surendra Santa Barbara County
  Cooperative Extension Advisor-Entomology and Biologicals Small fruits, vegetables, and other major crops - Entomology, integrated pest management, microbial control, biostimulants, biopesticides, and biocontrol.
Daugovish, Oleg Ventura County
  Strawberry and Vegetable Crop Advisor Ag and Environmental Issues for Veg Crops and Strawberries
de la Fuente, Maria Monterey County
  County Director Monterey - Farm & Master Gardener Advisor Monterey & Santa Cruz Counties Mushrooms, compost, specialty vegetables, nursery crops, plant pathology and soil microbiology. Urban Horticulture and Master Gardener Program Santa Clara.
Jimenez, Manuel Tulare County
  Farm Advisor, Emeritus Small farms, vegetable crops, integrated pest management
Le Strange, Michelle (Missy) Tulare County
  Farm Advisor Emeritus Vegetable crops, turf & landscape management, weed management (vegetable crops, turf and ornamentals), Master Gardener Program Advisor
Miyao, Gene Capitol Corridor MCP Cooperative Extension
  Emeritus Farm Advisor, Vegetable Crops Processing tomato production.
Molinar, Richard Small Farm Program
  Farm Advisor, Emeritus Small farms, vegetable crops, organic farming, insect/weed management, specialty crops, sugar peas, strawberries, eggplant, squash, Asian vegetables such as basil, lemongrass, green beans, long beans, gailon, bittermelons, refugee farmers, Hmong, Lao, fluent in Spanish
Natwick, Eric Imperial County
  Entomology Advisor, emeritus Entomology, Pest Management
Nunez, Joe Kern County
  Farm Advisor, Emeritus (Retired) Vegetable crops
Retired - Baameur, Aziz Small Farm Program
  Retired Emeritus, Farm Advisor Small Farms, cultivar evaluation, nutrient management, irrigation, specialty crops, vegetables, Asian vegetables, Small Farms
Smith, Richard Monterey County
  Farm Advisor, Vegetable Crop Production & Weed Science Vegetable Crop Production & Weed Science
Turini, Thomas Fresno County
  Advisor Vegetable crops
CE Specialist
Cantwell, Marita Department of Plant Sciences
  CE Vegetable Specialist Postharvest physiology, handling, and storage of vegetables, including specialty and fresh cut vegetables.
Davis, R Plant Pathology - CAES
  CE Plant Pathologist Diseases of vegetable & field crops
Hartz, Timothy Department of Plant Sciences
  CE Vegetable Crops Specialist Improved management regimes for commercial vegetable production, cultural practices for warm-season vegetable crops
McGiffen, Milton Botany & Plant Sciences
  CE Specialist and Plant Physiologist Vegetable Crops, Invasive Species, Weed Science, Sustainable Agriculture, and Alternatives to Methyl Bromide
Suslow, Trevor Department of Plant Sciences
  Extension Research Specialist Preharvest to Postharvest Microbial food safety systems,postharvest transportation, Postharvest pathology
Jiang, Junda Department of Plant Sciences
Koike, Steven Monterey County
  Plant Pathology Farm Advisor, Emeritus Plant pathology research and education for vegetable, fruit and ornamental crops; plant disease diagnostics; food safey research and extension.
Mathews, Deborah Plant Pathology
  Assistant Specialist in Cooperative Extension, Plant Pathology & Assistant Plant Pathologist - Ornamental Crops Diseases of ornamental crops, Improving detection of viral pathogens, Characterization of new viruses
Membership Totals
Number of Members28
ANR Members25
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