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Dairy Health and Production

Summary This workgroup will address the health and production needs of the California dairy industry. The proposed activities of this workgroup will address educational and research requirements of dairy producers throughout California.
Workgroup Chair Information
Name Noelia Silva Del Rio (Chair)
Phone (559) 688-1731
Unit: Veterinary Medicine Extension
Name Jennifer Heguy (Co-Chair)
Phone (209) 525-6800
Unit: Stanislaus County
Membership List
Stull, Carolyn Veterinary Medicine Extension
  Animal Welfare CE Specialist, Emeritus Agricultural animal welfare program; trasport stress, starvation in animals, best management practices
AES Scientist
Baerenklau, Kenneth Environmental Sciences
  Associate Professor of Environmental Policy   Associate Environmental Economist Environmental and natural resource economics and policy
BonDurant, Robert Population Health & Reproduction
  Chair   Professor of Population Health & Reproduction Embryo transfer and venereal diseases in livestock
Cullor, James Population Health & Reproduction
  Professor and Director UC Davis Dairy Food Safety Laboratory Bovine mastitis, neonatal Immunology and defense mechanisms of the accessory system
DePeters, Edward Animal Science
  Distinguished Professor Ruminant nutrition of dairy cattle; mammary gland synthesis of milk protein and fat; nutrient digestion, absorption, and metabolism; evaluation of by-product feedstuffs and forage quality.
Hovey, Russ Animal Science
  Professor Hormonal regulation of mammary gland growth, lactation and milk composition, as well as breast cancer. Across-species differences in mammary gland biology and hormone function.
Oberbauer, Anita Animal Science
  Professor, Assoc Dean for Research & Outreach (Ag Programs) Cell and molecular biology; animal growth; and development of genetic markers related to health and disease.
Pandey, Pramod Veterinary Medicine Extension
  Professor & Specialist - AES and CE split (50/50) Microbial waste management, microbial water quality, rendering, pesticide residues in water and sediment
Rossow, Heidi Veterinary Medicine Teaching & Research Center
  Professor Ruminant nutrition and physiology, Feed management and feeding systems, mechanistic modeling
Tucker, Cassandra Animal Science
  Professor Animal welfare, animal behavior, effects of housing, management and environmental conditions on cattle
CE Advisor
Black, Randi Sonoma County
  Dairy Advisor Dairy Advisor
Bruno, Daniela Fresno County
  Dairy Advisor Dairy
Heguy, Jennifer Stanislaus County
  Dairy Farm Advisor and County Director
Karle, Betsy Glenn County
  Dairy Advisor & County Director preweaned calf management, antimicrobial stewardship, environmental sustainability
CE Specialist
Atim, Jackie Kearney Agricultural Research & Extension Center
  CE Specialist in Abiotic Stress Abiotic Stress- Sorghum
Atwill, Edward Veterinary Medicine Extension
  Director, Veterinary Medicine Extension Waterborne zoonotic disease, best management practices , microbial food safety, epidemiology
Butler, Leslie Agricultural & Resource Economics
  Specialist in Cooperative Extension Dairy Production, Marketing and Policy, Agricultural and Natural Resource Policy, Biotechnology, Technological Change, Public Policy Issues
Gerry, Alec Entomology (UCR)
  Professor and Cooperative Extension Specialist in Veterinary Entomology Veterinary Entomology
Meyer, Deanne
  Livestock Waste Management Specialist Livestock waste management
Mitloehner, Frank Animal Science
  Professor and CE Specialist Livestock systems air quality; quantification and mitigation of Ag air pollutants
Robinson, Peter Animal Science
  CE Specialist On-farm animal management systems; on-farm implementation of strategies to reduce the environmental impact of cows.
Silva Del Rio, Noelia Veterinary Medicine Extension
  UC Davis Veterinary Medicine Extension Specialist Dairy
Smith, Martin Veterinary Medicine Extension
  Specialist in Cooperative Extension, Youth Scientific Literacy Youth science education; scientific literacy; curriculum development; educator professional development; inquiry-based learning; experiential learning
Van Eenennaam, Alison Animal Science
  CE Specialist Animal Biotechnology and Genomics Animal genomics, biotechnology, beef cattle, genetic engineering, animal breeding
Other ANR
Denicol, Anna Animal Science
  Assistant Professor Reproductive and developmental biology. Paracrine and endocrine regulation of follicle and oocyte development and carry over effects of adverse environments during folliculogenesis on embryonic development. Biology of ovarian oocyte progenitor cells (oogo
(info only) Filmer, Ann Department of Plant Sciences
  Communications 1) Communications; 2) Floriculture production, postharvest handling of ornamentals
Martins, Joao Paulo (JP) Tulare County
  Area Dairy Advisor - Tulare & Kings Counties
Collar, Larry California Dairies INC
  Field Representative Dairy industry, milk quality, jonr
DeGrassi, Ria California Farm Bureau Fed
  Commodity Coordinator
Eway, Dave USDA, APHIS, Veterinary Service
  Foreign Animal Disease Specialist Foreign Animal Diseases
Mullinax, Denise
  CDQAP, Asst. Director
Wilson, Dennis
  Veterinarian Specialist University Liaison
Other UC
Moeller, Rob
  Veterinary Medicine
Membership Totals
Number of Members34
ANR Members28
Info Only1
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