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Volunteer Leader Development

Summary Definition: Our approach towards volunteer development takes a comprehensive view to build volunteer capacity: knowledge, skills, disposition, and sense of self. All interactions are opportunities for volunteers to develop individual capacity, as well as organizational capacity to further advance the University of California 4-H Youth Development Program. Purpose: Recognizing that volunteers are integral to the success of the University of California 4-H Youth Development Program, the purpose of the workgroup is to increase volunteers’ capacity through the collaborative efforts of workgroup members. Goals/Objectives: 1. Establish and meet benchmarks, competencies, and best practices in 4-H volunteerism, which will inform consistent professional development opportunities. 2. Provide researched-based curriculum, resources, tools, evaluations, etc. that help the organization meet aforementioned benchmarks. 3. Meet the diverse needs of 4-H volunteers, experienced and new, by creating ways to interact with and support them. 4. Consistently address DANR strategic initiatives focused on positive youth development through activities in 4-H core content areas (e.g., scientific literacy, citizenship, healthy living). 5. Extend knowledge through research and development generated by workgroup activities.
Workgroup Chair Information
Name Charles Go (Co-Chair)
Phone 510-963-0659
Unit: Alameda County
Location: University of California Cooperative Extension – Alameda County
224 W. Winton Avenue
Rm 134
Hayward, 94544
Name JoLynn Miller (Co-Chair)
Phone 209-533-5686
Unit: Central Sierra Cooperative Extension
Membership List
CE Advisor
Espinoza, Dorina Humboldt County Office
  Youth, Families and Communities Advisor
Go, Charles Alameda County
  4-H Youth Development Advisor - Alameda and Contra Costa Counties Applied research and extension of knowledge in the areas of fostering and implementing programs that focus on youth life skills development and working with communities to build capacities to support youth development.
Kok, Car Mun Lake County
  4-H Youth Development Program Advisor
Miller, JoLynn Central Sierra Cooperative Extension
  Central Sierra 4-H Youth Development Advisor Volunteer Development, Experiential Learning, Program Planning
CE Specialist
Smith, Martin Veterinary Medicine Extension
  Specialist in Cooperative Extension, Youth Scientific Literacy Youth science education; scientific literacy; curriculum development; educator professional development; inquiry-based learning; experiential learning
Other ANR
Fraser, Cheryl Alameda County
  4-H Program Representative 4-H Youth Development
Frazell, Julie Lake County
  4-H Youth Development Program Representative Lake County 4-H Program Management
Henkens, Jennifer (Jen) Capitol Corridor MCP Cooperative Extension
  4-H Program Representative 4-H Club and Resident Camp Program Coordinator
Hofmann-Lurz, Lorin Monterey County
  4-H Youth Development Program Representative II
Jerdin, Krysti San Luis Obispo County
  Administrative Assistant III
Miner, Gemma Youth, Families, and Communities Statewide Program
  4-H Thrive Academic Coordinator II Youth Development; Experiential Education; Outdoor Program Administration and Accreditation
Suppes, Jason South Coast Research & Extension Center
  Program Coordinator/ Community Education Specialist
Worker, Steven Marin County
  4-H Youth Development Advisor Educational research; design and research of out-of-school (informal) learning environments; positive youth development; science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education
Membership Totals
Number of Members13
ANR Members13
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