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Career/College Readiness & Workforce Development

Summary By 2030, the state is expected to have a shortage of 1.1 million workers holding a bachelor’s degree. Five key segments of the population also face barriers to obtaining the education and training necessary to access higher-paying jobs. Across all postsecondary institutions, women are more likely to graduate than men, and students from wealthier families are more likely to graduate compared to students from low-income families, as are White and Asian American compared to African American and Latinx students. While graduation rates of demographic groups traditionally underrepresented in higher education are improving, the barriers— including cost and a lack of adequate college preparatory resources—are formidable. And without adequate training, a full-time job is often insufficient to guarantee economic stability. Statewide, it is estimated that 12.7 percent of working adults are in poverty. Of the 12.7 percent in poverty, only 18 percent have a bachelor’s degree or higher. California’s continued economic success thus depends on cultivating a 21st-century workforce, one built on robust, broad-based access to education and employment opportunities around the state. This includes establishing and consolidating partnerships across sectors and industries to facilitate access to education and training, as well as providing access to the education and training required for employment in tomorrow’s job market.
Workgroup Chair Information
Name Charles Go (Co-Chair)
Unit: Alameda County
Location: University of California Cooperative Extension – Alameda County
224 W. Winton Avenue
Rm 134
Hayward, 94544
Name Liliana Vega (Co-Chair)
Phone 805-781-4188
Unit: San Luis Obispo County
Membership List
CE Advisor
Go, Charles Alameda County
  4-H Youth Development Advisor - Alameda and Contra Costa Counties Applied research and extension of knowledge in the areas of fostering and implementing programs that focus on youth life skills development and working with communities to build capacities to support youth development.
Marshall-Wheeler, Nicole Colusa County
  4-H Youth Development Advisor
Meng, Yu Imperial County
  Youth Family and Community Advisor
Nathaniel, Keith Los Angeles County
  County Director & 4-H Youth Development Advisor Adolescent Development; Educational Planning; Social Capital and Community Networks
Vega, Liliana San Luis Obispo County
  4-H Youth Development Advisor Positive Youth Development
Other ANR
Hernandez, Araceli Stanislaus County
Rodriguez, Esther
  Community Education Specialist II
Membership Totals
Number of Members7
ANR Members7
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