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Dairy Quality Assurance

Summary The workgroup supports the Regulatory/Industry/UC partnership, the California Dairy Quality Assurance Program. The purpose of the CDQAP is to encourage science-based farming & management practices which promote the health of the consumer, the environment and the animals.
Workgroup Chair Information
Name Deanne Meyer (Chair)
Phone (530) 752-9391
Unit: Associate Vice President - Agriculture and Natural Resources
Location: DANR
2801 Second Street
Davis, 95618
Name Michael Payne (Chair)
Phone 530-304-09306
Name Betsy Karle (Co-Chair)
Phone (530) 865-1156
Unit: Glenn County
Membership List
AES Scientist
ALY, SHARIF Veterinary Medicine Teaching & Research Center
  PROFESSOR-SFT-VM Epidemiology and Biostatistics
CHIGERWE, MUNASHE Medicine & Epidemiology
  Assistant Professor
DePeters, Edward Animal Science
  Distinguished Professor Ruminant nutrition of dairy cattle; mammary gland synthesis of milk protein and fat; nutrient digestion, absorption, and metabolism; evaluation of by-product feedstuffs and forage quality.
Lehenbauer, Terry
  Professor and Director Dairy cattle herd health & disease prevention; epidemiology; antimicrobial stewardship; animal welfare
Pereira, Richard Program Planning & Evaluation
VanderGheynst, Jean Biological & Agricultural Engineering
  Professor and Associate Dean, Undergraduate Studies Bioprocess engineering for the remediation of agricultural waste products and the production of food and energy resources; mathematical modeling of transport phenomena and microbial kinetics of biological systems; microbial ecology of biological systems; biosensors and bioelectronics; bioremediation; separation and purification of products from microbial and plant cell tissue cultures.
Zhang, Ruihong Biological & Agricultural Engineering
  Professor Bioenvironmental engineering. Treatment of agricultural and food wastes for pollution prevention and resource utilization; air quality control for animal and human environments; study of biological, physical, and chemical processing techniques for organi
CE Advisor
Campbell, Marsha Stanislaus County
  Farm Advisor, Emeritus Field crops
Clark, Nicholas Kings County
  Assistant CE Advisor Agronomic Cropping Systems and Nutrient Management
Crane, Sharon Kern County
  Office Services Technician Process Newsletters, Meeting Announcements, and Research Papers for Advisors.
Fulford, Anthony Stanislaus County
  Area CE Nutrient Management & Soil Quality Advisor Soil Health, Nutrient Management, Soil Fertility/Testing
Heguy, Jennifer Stanislaus County
  Dairy Farm Advisor and County Director
Karle, Betsy Glenn County
  Dairy Advisor & County Director preweaned calf management, antimicrobial stewardship, environmental sustainability
Lewis, David Marin County
  Director, Advisor Water and Watershed Management and Research, Community Development, Sustainable Agricutlure
Marsh, Brian Kern County
  County Director/Farm Advisor Agronomy, cotton, small grains, corn and silage, weed control
Mueller, Shannon Madera County
  Emeritus Agronomy Farm Advisor Agronomy, alfalfa seed, hay production, seed certification, forage crops, pollination and honeybee management, oil seed crop production, and dry beans.
Munk, Daniel Fresno County
  Farm Advisor Irrigation, crop nutrient management and cotton production systems
Sanden, Blake Kern County
  Farm Advisor Emeritus (Retired) Irrigation, soil, water, agronomy, blackeyes, sugarbeets, safflower, alfalfa
Stackhouse, Jeffery Humboldt County Office
  Livestock and Natural Resource Advisor
Wright, Steven Kings County
  Farm Advisor- Tulare and Kings Counties - Emeritus Cotton, small grains, weed control
CE Specialist
Gerry, Alec Entomology (UCR)
  Professor and Cooperative Extension Specialist in Veterinary Entomology Veterinary Entomology
Harter, Thomas Hydrology Program
  Distinguished Professor & Distinguished Professor in Cooperative Extension Flow and transport processes in groundwater and in the vadoze zone; non-point source pollution of groundwater; numerical and statistical modeling of non-point source pollution at the agriculture-groundwater nexus; sustainable groundwater management; integrated water management.
Hutmacher, Robert West Side Research & Extension Center
  Cooperative Extension Specialist and Center Director, West Side REC cotton production issues, irrigation mgmt, drip irrigation, sorghum, industrial hemp, water stress, nutrient mgmt
Lundy, Mark Department of Plant Sciences
  Assistant CE Specialist Grain Cropping Systems, resource use efficiency, decision support tools, integrating technology into production practices, crop modeling
Meyer, Deanne Associate Vice President - Agriculture and Natural Resources
  Interim Associate Vice President, CE Specialist Livestock waste management
Mitloehner, Frank Animal Science
  Professor and CE Specialist Livestock systems air quality; quantification and mitigation of Ag air pollutants
Oltjen, James Animal Science
  CE Specialist Computer decision support software; beef quality assurance; standardized performance analysis for cattle and sheep ranches. Animal management systems; resource use in animal agriculture; beef cattle growth.
Putnam, Daniel Department of Plant Sciences
  Cooperative Extension Specialist, Agronomist in the AES Alfalfa and forage crops systems, forage quality and utilization, alternative field crops, cellulosic energy crops (switchgrass, miscanthus) crop ecology.
Robinson, Peter Animal Science
  CE Specialist On-farm animal management systems; on-farm implementation of strategies to reduce the environmental impact of cows.
Silva Del Rio, Noelia Veterinary Medicine Extension
  UC Davis Veterinary Medicine Extension Specialist Dairy
Van Eenennaam, Alison Animal Science
  CE Specialist Animal Biotechnology and Genomics Animal genomics, biotechnology, beef cattle, genetic engineering, animal breeding
Zaccaria, Daniele Land, Air & Water Resources
  Assistant Agricultural Water Management Specialist in Cooperative Extension
Other ANR
Dahlberg, Jeffery Kearney Agricultural Research & Extension Center
  Director-UC-ANR-KARE Plant Breeding and Genetics
Holstege, Dirk UC Davis Analytical Laboratory
Martins, Joao Paulo (JP) Tulare County
  Area Dairy Advisor - Tulare & Kings Counties
Payne, Michael
  Outreach Coordinator Food Safety
Ahlem, Charles Hilmar Cheese Co./ CDQAP
  Founding Partner/Chairman
Mullinax, Denise
  CDQAP, Asst. Director
Wilson, Dennis
  Veterinarian Specialist University Liaison
Membership Totals
Number of Members39
ANR Members36
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