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Summary Facilitates collaborative research and educational activities involving Cooperative Extension and AES personnel that address topics related to rice production, such as sustainable farming practices, management of herbicide resistant weeds, integration of waterfowl into rice cropping systems, application of remote sensing to site specific farming, post harvest technology, food processing, and natural resource management.
Workgroup Chair Information
Name Luis Espino (Chair)
Phone 530-635-6234
Unit: Butte County
Membership List
AES Scientist
Eadie, John Wildlife, Fish & Conservation Biology
  Professor and Chair Waterfowl; avian behavior and ecology; population genetics; wetland and riparian ecology; molecular ecology.
Horwath, William Soils & Biogeochemistry Program
  AES Professor of Soil Biogeochemistry Soil Biogeochemist Stable isotope studies, soil organic matter dynamics, soil fertility, sustainable agriculture, water quality, plant-microbe interactions, soil microbial biomass, denitrification, residue decomposition, root turnover.
Hsieh, You-Lo Biological & Agricultural Engineering
  Professor & Chair fiber and polymer chemistry, biopolymers, nanofibers, hybrid materials
Jenkins, Bryan Biological & Agricultural Engineering
  Professor Energy systems; biomass, bioenergy, biofuels, thermochemical conversion, combustion and gasification; environmental impacts; power systems; properties of fuels; systems analysis, modeling, and optimization.
Sumner, Daniel Agricultural Issues Center
  Frank Buck Jr. Chair Professor Economics of Agricultural Issues
van Kessel, Chris Department of Plant Sciences
  Emeritus Professor, Department of Plant Sciences Agronomy, soil fertility, nutrient cycling, cropping systems, international agriculture.
CE Advisor
Brim-DeForest, Whitney Sutter-Yuba Counties
  County Director, Sutter and Yuba Counties and CE Rice and Wild Rice Advisor Rice, Weeds
Espino, Luis Butte County
  Rice Farming Systems Advisor & Butte County Director Entomology, Agronomy
Leinfelder-Miles, Michelle San Joaquin County
  Farm Advisor Crop Production, Soil and Water Resources, the Delta
CE Specialist
Al-Khatib, Kassim Department of Plant Sciences
  Professor, Plant Sciences CE Specialist in Weed Sciences
Grettenberger, Ian Entomology (UCD)
  Assistant Specialist in CE Field and vegetable crop IPM, insect ecology
Hill, James Department of Plant Sciences
  CE Specialist Conducts research and education programs on rice-based cropping systems with focus on production technologies such as direct seeding; weed control; nutrition; residue management and the relationship of these factors to environmental quality.
Lemaux, Peggy Plant & Microbial Biology
  CE Specialist Research interests focus on using 'omic technologies to understand interactions between plants, microbes and the environment. Efforts specifically focus on understanding abiotic and biotic stresses and nutrtional traits. Outreach efforts focus on commun
Linquist, Bruce Department of Plant Sciences
  UCCE Rice Specialist Research on rice based systems, including nutrient and carbon cycling, GHG emissions, water use, water quality, varietal adaptation, heavy metals, and modeling.
Pan, Zhongli Biological & Agricultural Engineering
  Adjunct Professor Improving the value of agricultural products and their components through new and improved postharvest and processing technologies.
Other ANR
Blank, Timothy Department of Plant Sciences
  SRA III Seed Certification
Brodt, Sonja Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education Program (SAREP)
  Assoc. Dir. SAREP & Academic Coordinator, Agriculture & Environment Agriculture, Resources, and the Environment
Filmer, Ann Department of Plant Sciences
  Communications 1) Communications; 2) Floriculture production, postharvest handling of ornamentals
Shoemaker, Charles Food Science & Technology
  Professor   Food Scientist Food rheology; interfacial phenomena in food systems; microcomputer technology in food analysis and process control
Stogsdill, John
Non-UC, rfiroved
  Industry Affairs Manager Rice - regulatory for pesticides and water quality, pbuttner, tjohnson
Harrell, Dustin
  California Rice Experiment Station Director
McKenzie, Kent McKenzie
  Director Rice
Tai, Thomas
User, Unverified
Membership Totals
Number of Members28
ANR Members21
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