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Pesticide Use Report

Summary The workgroup brings together people who share common interests in pesticide use issues to promote effective communication and interaction among the members. These include faculty, extension specialists, and farm advisors in the UC, and PUR analysts in state agencies and commodity groups. The specific objectives of the PUR workgroup are: 1. Form a network to discuss the PUR in research, government regulations, and the public awareness, and exchange the best way of using the PUR for various purposes. 2. Provide a forum for members to exchange insights and experiences in PUR analysis in their work and research. 3. Discuss specific measures of pesticide use, pounds applied, acres treated, number of applications, weighted index of use, and other potential measures of pesticide use and impacts for various purposes. 4. Discuss ways of disseminating PUR-related information such as a website,encourage members to collaborate and publish PUR analysis and methodology.
Workgroup Chair Information
Name Steinmann Kimberly (Chair)
Phone 916-919-6138
Unit: CDPR
Membership List
AES Scientist
Epstein, Lynn Plant Pathology - CAES
  Professor Biology, biochemical ecology and control of phytopathogenic fungi; fungal development; sustainable agriculture; efficient design of field trials
Goodhue, Rachael Agricultural & Resource Economics
  Professor, Agricultural Economist-AES Agricultural Marketing and Organization, Contracting, Pesticide Use and Regulation, Agricultural Policy, Agri-environmental Policy, Natural Resources and Property Rights, Bio-economic Modeling of Agricultural Production Systems, Technology Adoption
Morse, Joseph Entomology (UCR)
  Entomologist and Professor of Entomology, Emeritus Citrus and avocado pest management, biological control; applied insect ecology; pesticide impacts on natural enemies; resistance management
CE Advisor
Pickel, Carolyn Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Statewide Program
  Area IPM Advisor, Emeritus IPM programs
Wilen, Cheryl Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Statewide Program
  Area Integrated Pest Management Advisor - Emeritus Integrated Pest Management (IPM) for ornamental plant production and maintenance including nurseries, greenhouses, field production, floriculture, turf and landscape, pesticide reduction and alternatives. Research specialty in weed management, snails & slugs.
CE Specialist
Flint, Mary Louise Entomology (UCD)
  Extension Entomologist Emeritus, Entomology, UC Davis Integrated Pest Management, biological control, landscape and garden IPM, information dissemination and entomology.
Gan, Jay Environmental Sciences
  CE Water Quality Specialist and Professor of Environmental Chemistry Environmental risks and mitigation practices of pesticides, water and air quality issues related to pesticide uses, IPM practices
Johnson, Marshall Entomology (UCR)
  IPM Specialist and Research Entomologist, Emeritus Integrated pest management of grapes, stone fruit, almonds and walnuts; biological control of arthropods; pesticide resistance in pests and natural enemies
Klonsky, Karen Agricultural & Resource Economics
  Specialist in Cooperative Extension, Emerita Farm Management and Production, Sustainable Agriculture and Organic Agriculture
Wu, Laosheng Environmental Sciences
  Professor   CE Water Management Specialist Soil physics, vadose-zone hydrology, water quality, water management
Zalom, Frank Entomology (UCD)
  Distinguished Professor and CE Specialist Fruit and Vegetable Crop Entomology; Integrated Pest Management
Other ANR
Campos, Jennifer UC Davis
  Graduate Student IPM and environmental protection
Herbst, Linda Environmental Toxicology
Melnicoe, Rick Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Statewide Program
  Retired effective June 28, 2012. Contact Lisa Blecker 530-750-1251,
Metcalf, Mark UC Berkeley
  Post Doctoral Researcher Economic analysis
Montez, Greg Entomology (UCR)
  Staff Research Associate Citrus Entomology--Grafton-Cardwell Lab
Ransom, Bev Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education Program (SAREP)
  Program Manager Sustainable Agriculture
Strand, Joyce Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Statewide Program
  IPM Academic Coordinator Emeritus Application of computers in agriculture (particularly pest management), agricultural meteorology
Zhang, Minghua Land, Air & Water Resources
Agusiegbe, Vincet CA EPA Air Resource Board
  Ag. Engineerer Air quality
Akers, Patrick CDFA
  GPS, Invasive Species
Ali, Syed State Water Resource Control Board
  Staff Toxicologist toxicology
Azimi, Shakoora Regional Water Quality Control Board
  Environmental Scientist Water quality
User, Unverified
Bell, David Regional Water Qaulity Control Board
  Programmer Database Admin
User, Unverified
Domagalski, Joseph USGS / Sacramento
  Chief Scientist Water quality
Gee, Gregory Alamada County
  Deputy Ag. Commissioner Pesticide Use in Ag.
Gianessi, Leonard NCFAP
  Director Policies
Goh, Kean DPR-Pesticide Regulation
  Ag. Supervisor Water q\uality
Gunier, Robert CA Dept of Health Services
  Scientist Exposure risk assessment
Harnly, Martha Dept. of Health Service
  Environmental Scientist Epidemiology
Heines, Chris Almond Board
  President Pest management
Kegley, Susan E. Pesticide Action Network of North America
  Staff Scientist Risk assessment and chemist
Kesner, Jasen Napa Sustainable Winegrape Association
  Grower Pest management
Steinmann, Kimberly
  Pesticide Use Reports, pesticide analysis, IPM
Liebman, Jamie U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  Staff Scientist regulatory
Mahoney, Eileen Dept. of Pesticide Regulation
  Program specialist Pesticide Registration
McLaughlin, Bob Dept. of Health Service
  Environmental Scientist Epidemiology
Obenauf, Gary
  Director of Research
Orme, Stephan Pesticide Action Network of North America
  Programmer Database design and website design
Reed, Ruby Dept. of Pesticide Regulation
  Senior toxicologist toxicology
Roberts, Bruce
  J.G. Boswell Chair of Agronomy
Ryan, Sarah Big Valley Rancheria
  Coordinator Pest management
Scott, Ada Ann DPR-Pesticide Regulation
  Program Supervisor Database and Pesticide use in Ag.
User, Unverified
User, Unverified
User, Unverified
User, Unverified
Zeleke, Dwit Butte
  Farmer Ecological farming
Other UC
User, Unverified
User, Unverified
Membership Totals
Number of Members52
ANR Members21
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