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ANR Employees

Academic HR Contact List

Tina Jordan

Academic HR Manager
Office:  530-750-1280
Fax:  530-756-1148 
  • Support the Academic Personnel Unit with policy research and analysis
  • Review requests and manage credits for the Sabbatical Program
  • Update the ANR Administrative Handbook
  • Oversee the appeals process for salary actions
  • Manage the online Academic Consulting and Other Professional Activities process

Pam Tise

Academic HR Business Partner  
Fax:  530-756-1148 
  • Research and revise guidelines for merit, promotion and annual evaluations; academic salary review.
  • Collect, prepare and distribute eligibility list and schedules for Ad Hoc and PRC; process and analyze appointments for Ad-hoc members.
  • Merits, promotions and Annual Evaluation; E-book and online trainings and questions.
  • Review unit-produced documents, edit and revise for quality and compliance with AHR practices and standards.
  • Conduct recruitment searches and provide hiring salary analysis recommendation.
  • AHR web page support and development of other web-based tools.

Becky Sisman

Academic HR Business Consultant
Office: 530-750-1284
Fax:  530-756-1148
  • Advise on work-eligibility matters involving international appointees, including employment-based visa and green card petitions
  • Provide lead services in the onboarding process for new hires, rehires, and intercampus transfers
  • Track and maintain compensation activities
  • Support the coordination and management of temporary recruitments
  • Research, analyze and recommend courses of action related to academic personnel matters (compensation, appointments, re-appointments, recruitment, payroll, benefits, changes in status, salary adjustment, etc.)
  • Advise on application, implementation and administration policies and procedures
  • Provide analytical and administrative support for special projects

Tatiana Avoce

Academic HR Business Consultant
Office: 530-750-1277
Fax:  530-756-1148
  • Academic recruitments: including PVAs, search committee, ads, affirmative action, candidate applications, interviews, and analyses.
  • Review  unit-produced documents, edit and revise for quality and compliance with APU practices and standards.
  • UC Recruit and travel program support
  • Analytical and administrative support for actions pertaining to Division-wide Personnel matters.

Alma Jackson

Academic HR Assistant
Office:  530-750-1267
Fax:  530-756-1148


  • Provide administrative support for the AHR unit. Respond to AHR E-service requests and other inquiries.
  • Support the AHR recruitment team on academic recruitment activities.
  • Conducts onboarding of academic appointees & the maintenance of personnel files.
  • Track and process visa appointments for new hires and current employees.
  • Manage the online academic consulting and other professional activity processes.
  • Prepare retirement & service award certificates and aid with the award process.
  • Update and maintain AHR webpage
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