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Sabbatical Leave

Academics accrue (4) sabbatical credits per year or (1) credit per quarter. To take sabbatical leave, (9) sabbatical credits are used per quarter or (36) credits per year. Academics are encouraged to begin planning for sabbatical leave at least a year or more in advance to allow time for the review and approval process. Sabbatical plans ( simple template can be found here ) shall first be discussed and reviewed with your county director (CD). Any concerns with conflict of commitment and plans to address such concerns should be also discussed with your CD and included in the plan. Typically, academics take sabbatical leave all in one time period; however, other arrangements may be proposed for approval.  

 For additional information, you may review the AHR Sabbatical Leave Guidance  and the Sabbatical Leave Form. 

Click here to review an example of a sabbatical leave report.

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