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Wellness Next Week

Wellness Next Week

Thanksgiving Is Upon US

 “What if today, we were just grateful for everything?”  -Charlie Brown

Let's be mindful of Thanksgiving: Native people take a different view of Thanksgiving.  

Let's make a difference. Find a food bank near you and donateCalifornia Association of Food Banks

And, let's have some soothing music from Dartmouth College

Countdown to a Food-Safe Thanksgiving


Did you forget your keyboard, monitors and mouse at the county office?

For some immediate relief you MUST WATCH this 2 minute UCI Ergo Video. Now. Watch it more than once.

Try the My Healthy Working at Home assessment

Breathing and Foods to help you Cope

Focus on Breathing and Foods to help you cope.


Here is the link to ASAP and the link to the ASAP resources

HR has compiled a great Child and Family Care resources page to help.  

And, don't forget Box Breathing three times a day: 

Close eyes, breathe in for four seconds, hold four seconds and exhale four seconds, REPEAT at least six times.

Try some Old School, 4-7-8 breathing. It is not how much air you take in, it is how long it stays in you lungs.

Be Well ANR




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