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Advisor position proposals 

  • Below are the 27 Advisor positions that the County and REC Directors agreed to fully develop during their Feb. 22 meeting.
  • Note: the county listed in the link is the headquarter county; most positions would serve additional counties (see proposal).
  • Position authors, Program Teams, Statewide Programs and Institute Directors, and other stakeholders were encouraged to work together to develop these position proposals.
  • Health Families and Communities Position Roles developed by Bethanie Brown – Associate Director, Human Resources. This “in process” table distinguishes the various types of positions, roles, and responsibilities that occur in HFC programs. This matrix is a tool to develop joint understanding of these positions.
  • Through a survey following their May 10 meeting the CD/REC Directors determined the final list of 20 position proposals that moved forward and are displayed on the main 2018 Call for Positions web page.

4-H Youth Development Advisor, Glenn and Butte Counties

4-H Youth Development Advisor, San Diego County

Agricultural Engineer Advisor, Intermountain REC

Diversified Agricultural Systems Area Advisor, Lake County

Entomology Advisor, Imperial County

Fire Advisor, Central Sierra Multicounty Partnership

Horticulture and Specialty Crops Advisor, Humboldt County

Human-Wildlife Conflict Advisor, San Mateo County

IPM Area Advisor, Kings County

IPM Area Advisor, San Diego County

Local Food Systems Farm Advisor, Central Sierra Multicounty Partnership

Nutrition, Family and Consumer Sciences Advisor, Riverside County

Nutrition, Family, and Consumer Sciences Advisor, Shasta County

Nutrition, Family, and Consumer Sciences Area Advisor, Stanislaus County

Orchard Systems Area Advisor, Tehama County

Plant Pathology Advisor, Imperial County

Plant Pathology Area Advisor, Monterey County

Pomology Advisor, Kings County

Production Horticulture Advisor, San Diego County

Soils and Irrigation Advisor, Kern County

Specialty Crops Advisor, Sonoma County

Urban Agriculture and Small Farms Area Advisor, San Bernardino County

Vegetable Crops Advisor, Capital Corridor Multicounty Partnership

Vertebrate Pest Management Area Advisor, Napa County

Viticulture Farm Advisor, San Joaquin County

Youth, Families, and Communities Advisor, Ventura County

Youth, Families, and Communities Area Advisor, Capital Corridor Multicounty Partnership


Initial 37 CE Advisor Position Proposals that CD/REC Directors discussed Feb. 22.

The remaining 10 “can wait” positions from the Feb. 22 meeting are included in the matrix posted above, and can be taken up by Program Teams and Statewide Programs and Institute Directors if deemed a higher priority than those put forward by the CD/REC Directors.


CE Specialist Proposed Ideas

  • Department Chair Contact Information was provided for those seeking to provide input into the development of CE Specialist position proposals.
  • The Executive Associate Deans with input from college/school colleagues submitted the 20 position proposals to move forward which are posted on the main 2018 Call for Positions web page.

UC Davis College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

4-H Community Youth Development Specialist

Agriculture, Land Use, and Climate Policy Specialist

Agronomic Cropping System Specialist

Avian Management Specialist

Climate Resilience in Urban Landscapes Specialist

Community Nutrition and Innovative Technologies Specialist

Economics of Food Marketing Systems Specialist

Endangered Species Specialist

Enology and Microbiology Specialist

Groundwater Quality Specialist

Harvest Mechanization in Vegetable Crop Production Systems Specialist

Invasive Weed and Restoration Ecology Specialist

Nutrient and Irrigation Management in Vegetable Crop Production Systems Specialist

Orchard Systems (N.SanJoaquin-Sacramento Valleys) Specialist

Precision Food Animal Managment Specialist

Soil Health Specialist


UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine

AgroHealth Specialist

Animal Welfare and Behavior for Communities and Production Systems Specialist

Aquaculture Diseases and Health Management Specialist

One Health Specialist

Precision Livestock and Poultry Farming Specialist

Rural Community Disaster Preparedness Specialist


UC Riverside College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences

Agricultural Acarology Specialist

Food Crop Safety Specialist

Subtropical Crops Pathology Specialist

Technology Society & Policy Specialist

Trade Barrier Arthropod Pests Specialist

Trade Barrier Pathogens Specialist

Industrial Hemp Specialist


UC Berkeley College of Natural Resources

Ecoinformatics, Citizen Science, and and Natural Resource Management Specialist

Forest and Fuels Management Specialist

Water Justice Policy and Planning Specialist

Wildlife-Human Interactions Specialist

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