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ANR Employees

Director for the California Water Resources Research Institute

Applicant presentations March 28-29, 2011

About the position
The Director is responsible for leadership of the California Water Resources Research Institute (CWRRI) including responsibility for activities supported with funding from the Federal Water Resources Act of 1984 and other funding and programs that may be administered by or coordinated through the Institute. The Director reports to the Associate Vice President of Academic Programs and Strategic Initiatives and holds a full-time academic appointment with ANR. The successful candidate will be based in Oakland. 

CWRRI is a special program within UCANR, enabled by the federal Water Resources Research Act, with the mission of supporting research and extension activities that contribute to the efficient management of California’s water resources, in water quality, quantity and reliability.

After reviewing the applicant presentations below, please provide your comments on their presentations and candidacy. Multiple submissions of the feedback form can be made to capture your comments about each candidate if necessary.

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