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Wendi Gosliner

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Project scientist
Nutrition Policy Institute (NPI)
1111 Franklin Street
5th Floor
Oakland, CA 94607
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Nutrition Policy Institute (NPI)


Wendi leads research projects at the Nutrition Policy Institute and teaches at UC Berkeley's School of Public Health. She has dedicated her career to understanding and working to improve policies and programs that affect population health and nutrition, with a focus on eliminating health disparities and improving federal food and nutrition programs. She has conducted and studied interventions in schools, childcare centers, WIC, SNAP, and SNAP-Ed, and is particularly interested in the nexus of research, public policy and community-based efforts to improve health. She has a doctorate in public health and is a registered dietitian.


DrPH Public Health, University of California, Berkeley. 2013
MPH Public Health, University of California, Berkeley. 1996
B.S. Nutritional Sciences, Cornell University. 1992


Food policies and programs, health equity, food systems, children's nutrition


Peer Reviewed

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