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Staff nominations accepted for ANR STAR awards

Shawna Rogers
Nominations are being accepted for the ANR Staff Appreciation and Recognition (STAR) program for the fiscal year 2014-15.

The purpose of the STAR program is to recognize and reward outstanding staff individual and team performance within Agriculture and Natural Resources. Recipients receive cash awards as well as recognition.

Under the STAR plan, managers are able to recognize, acknowledge and reward staff employees for exceptional performance or significant contributions related to and supportive of individual, departmental, divisional or organizational goals and objectives. Nominations are due April 30, 2015.

Below are comments from past STAR winners:

Dustin Flavell
It was a great honor to be recognized for the work I have had the opportunity to be a part of through the UC CalFresh Nutrition Program in Fresno County. It was a privilege to be nominated by a manager who articulated my efforts in the program so others were able to value them as well. I am blessed to be part of a unit that applauds dedication. – Shawna Rogers, UCCE Fresno County

Mary Roberts
It was a great honor to be recognized for the STAR award. I was raised to work hard and do your best at everything put in front of you. For me being awarded the STAR award recognized that.  ANR has a lot of hard working staff members across the state and I appreciate that ANR has this program to recognize the dedicated staff. – Dustin Flavell, UC ANR Sierra Foothill REC

Although my supervisor thanked me on a regular basis, receiving the star award confirmed that my efforts were truly valued. This award program provides a way to recognize an employee's contribution to the unit and to the division as a whole. It also motivates the employee to continue to do so. – Mary Roberts, UC ANR Human Resources, Staff Personnel

Dave Krause
The Centennial map project was a major undertaking for the web team last year. Receiving the STAR Award for its successful launch demonstrated to the team the effect our work has on ANR programs and, ultimately, Californians. The team was pleased with the prize, but they were energized by the acknowledgement.  – David Krause on behalf of the UC ANR Communication Services & IT Team

An appointed review team will review the nominations and select as many as 20 individuals and two teams to receive awards. To read the STAR award guidelines and restrictions and to download the nomination form, visit

Posted on Thursday, March 19, 2015 at 2:58 PM

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