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FAQ on possible federal immigration enforcement actions on UC property

UC Office of the President has created a website for frequently asked questions on immigration enforcement actions.

Charles F. Robinson, UC general counsel and vice president of Legal Affairs, has issued the FAQ for members of the University of California community who are concerned about immigration enforcement actions occurring across the country and have asked about the possibility of enforcement actions occurring at UC. This document, published online at, answers questions and provides information about how to respond in such a situation. Please keep in mind that Department of Homeland Security policies are in transition and this guidance will be updated as warranted.

A PDF version of the FAQ is available at

The FAQ on immigration is also the first link under “Resources” on UC's Immigration website

Posted on Monday, March 20, 2017 at 7:09 PM
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UC launches immigration resources website

UC Office of the President has put together a new systemwide website that provides news, resources and support for those affected by President Trump's executive orders on immigration, including ones that could affect UC's student Dreamers.

The University of California supports legislative efforts to rescind the order. Like universities across the country, UC is deeply enriched by students, faculty and scholars from around the world, who come to study, teach and conduct research. It is critical that the United States continues to welcome the best students, scholars, scientists and engineers of all backgrounds and nationalities.

UC is also deeply concerned that all three executive orders on immigration signed by President Trump earlier this year are creating a climate of confusion and fear among members of our community, especially among undocumented students and those of the Muslim faith.

The information gathered on the website is intended to provide guidance, resources and support for navigating this fluid situation, and to reaffirm the University of California's commitment to all members of its community.

The website is at

Posted on Friday, February 17, 2017 at 5:37 PM
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