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Annual staff performance review launched March 1

The annual performance review season for all ANR staff employees has begun. Performance reviews are an opportunity for staff and supervisors to step back from the day-to-day tasks to review past accomplishments and set clear goals for the future. People are at the core of ANR, and to be successful, people need to know how they're doing and how they can improve. It's also an opportunity to celebrate accomplishments and think about how we can develop professionally.

The process starts with each staff member preparing a Summary of Accomplishments. While writing their summaries, staff are encouraged to identify potential trainings and development opportunities to share with your supervisor in the performance discussion.

The Summary of Accomplishments form and other performance management resources are available on the ANR Human Resources website

This year ANR is transitioning to a new performance review cycle. The 2016-17 review cycle runs from July 1, 2016 –March 31, 2017. Going forward, all ANR staff employees, represented and non-represented, will follow an April 1 – March 31 performance review cycle. SX-represented employees at our Research and Extension Centers have historically followed a calendar year cycle. These employees will transition to the new cycle as well, starting in April 2017.  

Following is a recommended timeline for the performance review process. May 12 is a hard deadline for ANR Human Resources to receive preliminary performance ratings for all staff. (ANR employees based at the Office of the President should refer to the OP process and timeline.)

If you have any questions regarding the appraisal process, please contact John Fox, Human Resources executive director, at or Mary Roberts at


March 1- March 15

Each employee prepares a Summary of Accomplishment (SOA) for the supervisor.

March 15-April 30

Supervisor reviews SOA with employee and drafts a Performance Appraisal, including proposed overall rating.

May 1-11

Supervisor reviews draft Performance Appraisal with second-level supervisor for approval.


May 12

Preliminary ratings and draft appraisals for those rated “Exceptional”, “Partially Meets” and “Does Not Meet” are due to HR. The second level supervisor must sign-off on the proposed overall rating before submitting.

May 15-June 9

Calibration review. HR communicates review results to supervisors by June 9.

June 12-July 31

Supervisors meet with employee to discuss and finalize performance appraisals.

All written performance appraisals are due to Human Resources by July 31, 2017.




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