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Summary Meets biannually to present and evaluate new and ongoing research proposals, plan annual Statewide Pistachio Day and Farm Advisor Training, and discuss developing research and educational needs. Responsible for planning and executing a short course and production manual revision every five years. This was accomplished in 2005. We plan to hold the next short course in 2008, and modify the manual to a UC peer reviewed, online version at that time.
Workgroup Chair Information
Name Louise Ferguson (Chair)
Phone (559) 737 3061 (M) 530-752-0507 (O)
Unit: Kearney Agricultural Research & Extension Center
Location: Kearney Agricultural Research & Extension Center
9240 S. Riverbend Ave.
Parlier, 93648
Membership List
AES Scientist
Brown, Patrick Department of Plant Sciences
  Pomologist-AES, Professor of Plant Nutrition Plant mineral nutrition; root soil interaction; rhizosphere dynamics and genetic aspects of plant nutrition; function of boron in plants; sustainable agriculture
Lovatt, Carol Botany & Plant Sciences
  Professor   Plant Physiologist Regulation of nucleotide and arginine metabolism, biochemistry of mineral nutrition, effects of stress on nitrogen metabolism, citrus and avocado physiology, including regulation of flowering, fruitset and fruit development
Michailides, Themis Kearney Agricultural Research & Extension Center
  Plant Pathologist and Lecturer Ecology, epidemiology and control of fungal diseases of fruit and nut crops and vines, postharvest diseases, aflatoxin and mycotoxins of nut crops and figs.
Parfitt, Dan Department of Plant Sciences
  Pomologist-AES Genetics of fruit crops genetic diversity, germplasm use, pistachio breeding
Shackel, Kenneth Department of Plant Sciences
  Professor/Pomologist-AES Plant-based irrigation management, particularly in trees and vines. Use of the pressure chamber and stem water potential (SWP) as a measure of plant stress, and the use of stress to optimize productivity and save water.
  AGRON AES Plant water relations, perenial plants physiology, dormancy, non-structural carbohydrates
CE Advisor
Amaral, Doug Kings County
  Area Farm Advisor Pomology and Water/Soils
Beede, Robert Kings County
  (Retired) Farm Advisor Emeritus Horticulture: Tree fruit, nuts, grapes
Doll, David Merced County
  Pomology Farm Advisor Almonds, Pistachios, Walnuts, and Urban Forestry
Duncan, Roger Stanislaus County
  Pomology Farm Advisor Almonds, canning peaches, pistachios, misc. tree fruit
Fichtner, Elizabeth Tulare County
  Farm Advisor Orchard Systems
Haviland, David Kern County
  Farm Advisor Entomologist and Pest Management. Advise in identification and control of Pest.
Hembree, Kurt Fresno County
  Weed Management Farm Advisor Weed management strategies in crop and non-crop settings
Holtz, Brent San Joaquin County
  County Director and Farm Advisor Pomology, deciduous tree fruits and nuts, plant pathology, Whole Orchard Recycling
Kallsen, Craig Kern County
  Farm Advisor Emeritus (Retired) Citrus, subtropical horticulture and pistachios
Mccullough-Sanden, Blake Kern County
  Farm Advisor Emeritus (Retired) Irrigation, soil, water, agronomy, blackeyes, sugarbeets, safflower, alfalfa
CE Specialist
Crisosto, Carlos Kearney Agricultural Research & Extension Center
  CE Postharvest Physiologist Extension and research on postharvest biology and technology of fruits; fruit and nuts quality and deterioration and handling systems
Daane, Kent ESPM - Organisms and the Environment
  CE Specialist Biological control and IPM of insect pests in crops (almond, grape, stone fruit, olives, pistachios, berries, lettuce) and ornamentals (eucalyptus, ornamental).
Ferguson, Louise Kearney Agricultural Research & Extension Center
  CE Pomologist Tree crop physiology and production of pistachio, olive, citrus, fig, and persimmon. Areas of expertise include seasonal growth phenology, salinity tolerance, alternate bearing, canopy management, mechanical pruning, mechanical harvesting, root stock int
Kuenen, BAS USDA
  Research Scientist Entomology
Siegel, Joel
User, Unverified
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