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Advisors, let Academic Assembly Council know what you think

The Advisor Representative Committee for the Academic Assembly Council serves as the liaison between UC Cooperative Extension advisors and the council. The committee is currently seeking advisors' input – What are your concerns? What questions would you like the council to address?

Advisors can express concerns to the committee through an anonymous survey at or by contacting one of the committee members directly.

Some common areas where the council can get involved include program evaluation, merit and promotion system, annual evaluations, DANRIS-X, salaries, benefits, working conditions, recruitment and retentions of advisors, programs, travel awards and ANR policy.

While Academic Assembly Council does not make decisions or vote, it does serve as an advisory committee to ANR leadership. By sharing your opinions, concerns, and questions with the Advisor Representative Committee, the council can provide feedback to our leadership.

In the same way, the Advisor Representative Committee also serves as the link from the council to advisors.

“We take advisors' questions directly to the council and share their feedback through newsletters,” said Katherine E. Soule, chair-elect for the Advisor Representative Committee. “We do our best to seek out answers and respond to each comment that we receive. Of course, we cannot get an answer, if the question hasn't been asked. So, be in touch!”

The Advisor Representative Committee is currently seeking new members. If you are interested in serving on the committee or in nominating another advisor, please reach out to Julie Finzel, chair, for more information:


Posted on Wednesday, May 18, 2016 at 3:32 PM

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