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Positive Youth Development through 4-H Camp Experiences

Summary Organized camp programs have served children for more 150 years and, other than school, touch more lives than any other youth-serving institution. Camp is not just a place, but an experience that encourages skill development, social interaction, personal growth, connection with the natural world, and meaningful engagement for young people. The camp environment influences social, emotional, intellectual, psychological and physical development in powerful ways. The ANR Positive Youth Development through 4-H Camp Experiences Workgroup conducts research in the field and provides education and resources to support safe, positive youth development experiences at 4-H camps throughout the state. Camp related research has grown in quantity, scope and rigor in the last 10 years and 4-H, both statewide and nationally, has made rich contributions to the field. In 2007, the workgroup successfully completed Beyond Evaluation: Findings from the California Camp Study and has embarked on a second research project in 2012 measuring outcomes of the camp experience. Findings from the first study led to the book Counselor-In-Training: Encouraging Youth Development Outcomes at Camp (Healthy Learning, 2010). Other resources the group has produced or is developing: * California 4-H Camp Safety Guidebook * Science, Engineering and Technology activities for camp settings * California Camping Conferences (next scheduled 2014) * Camp Administrator Assessment and Resource Bank
Workgroup Chair Information
Name Marianne Bird (Co-Chair)
Phone (916) 875-6423
Unit: Capitol Corridor MCP Cooperative Extension
Location: 70 Cottonwood Street
Woodland, 95695
Name Nathaniel Caeton (Co-Chair)
Phone 530-224-4900
Unit: Shasta County
Membership List
CE Advisor
Bird, Marianne Capitol Corridor MCP Cooperative Extension
  4-H Youth Development Advisor Program development, science literacy; work with Expanded Learning (afterschool) programs, youth-adult partnership, camping and environmental education, volunteer and non-profit management.
Caeton, Nathaniel Shasta County
  4-H Youth Development Advisor 4-H Youth Development Program
Diaz Carrasco, Claudia Riverside County
  4-H Youth Development Advisor
Horrillo, Shannon Youth, Families, and Communities Statewide Program
  Statewide 4-H Director Program Administration, Positive Youth Development, College and Career Readiness, Adolescent Development, Evaluation
Marshall-Wheeler, Nicole Butte County
  4-H Youth Development Advisor
Nathaniel, Keith Los Angeles County
  County Director & 4-H Youth Development Advisor Adolescent Development; Educational Planning; Social Capital and Community Networks
Vega, Liliana San Diego County
  4-H Youth Development Advisor Positive Youth Development
Other ANR
Beckman, Michaela
Doblado, Noelle
Dowlan, Kelly
Elliott, Kathryn
Henkens, Jen Capitol Corridor MCP Cooperative Extension
  4-H CE Supervisor 1 - Region 5 (Sacramento, Solano, Yolo)
Hill, Tammy
  volunteer camp
Subramaniam, Aarti
  Asst. Project Scientist Youth Development in context, Research and Evaluation
Vali, Sarah
Coutellier, Connie
Membership Totals
Number of Members16
ANR Members15
Info Only0
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