News & Information Outreach in Spanish (NOS) offers support in communication and outreach to Spanish speaking communities in California. The group promotes UC ANR's stories and public values through multiple media platforms.

Since 1981, NOS has been a valuable tool to assist in preparing and disseminating research-based information and public outreach to Spanish-speaking Californians. Our goal is to work with you in effectively reaching our state’s Latino audiences.

Translation Services

We offer accurate translations and adaptations of educational materials into Spanish by professional translators. We also offer translations of fliers, handouts, scripts, curricula and other materials in Mandarin, Cantonese, Tagalog and Vietnamese. Translation services are subject to a $75.02 per-hour charge.

Rate and recharge is a strategy used to support an activity by allocating costs to internal customers for the goods or services delivered. Direct costs are charged to the rate with the intention for the activity to break even. If you have questions about recharge rates, please contact Resource Planning and Management

Translation Services Timeline:
When you submit your translation request and provide us with the documents, we'll get back to you within two working days with a cost and time estimate.

Once you give us the go-ahead to start working on your documents, it typically takes us up to 10 business days to complete the translation.

Once your translation is finished and you're satisfied, we'll create an invoice and forward it to our finance analyst for processing. The remaining payment process is handled from there.

Translation Request

If you require translation services, kindly download the Service Request Form, complete it, and send it via email to Ricardo Vela, Program Manager. You can expect to receive a comprehensive quote, including estimated turnaround time and costs, within two working days or sooner.

Outreach Services

The NOS team can help you:

  • Promote your program to the Latino community
  • Pitch story ideas to Spanish language media outlets – print, radio and television
  • Increase outreach to Latino communities in your county
  • Keep you informed about trends and changes in demographics within the Latino community
  • Create social media campaigns to reach your goals and target audiences
  • Develop customized training

Video Services

NOS offers video production services to help you share your story and extend your outreach.

  • Video shooting
  • Video editing
  • Social media video campaigns

Our professional videographers can help you with special projects, whether in English or Spanish. Our focus is to work with you to connect with the Latino community visually. Video services are subject to a $75.07 per-hour charge.

You can find samples of our work at &

Video/Editing Services Timeline:
When you send us your request, we'll respond within two working days to set up a quick meeting to discuss your project in detail.

Following our meeting, you can expect an email from us within two working days, providing you with a cost and time estimate.

Once you approve the project, most video and editing projects take around ten business days on average to complete.

When the service meets your satisfaction, we'll generate an invoice and send it to our finance analyst for processing. The remaining payment process is handled from there.

Logos and Templates in Spanish

You'll find Spanish logos and templates bundled with the English versions in the Logos and Templates section. We are working with Reprographics to add a Spanish business card option to the MyPrint service. Until then, please submit a custom business card request. 

Blog Nuestra Comunidad

Nuestra Comunidad (Our Community) is UC ANR's Spanish-language blog published by the NOS team. We encourage all Latino academics, advisors, and community educators to contribute to the blog. If interested, please contact Ricardo Vela, NOS Program Manager.